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Local Roll Off & Dumpster Rental in Suwanee, GA

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Cheapest Dumpster Rentals in Suwanee with Fast Delivery & Great Service

Are you looking for a dumpster rental for your property? Do you need to rent a dumpster without breaking your budget? At Waste Removal USA, we provide inexpensive dumpster rentals with fast delivery options. Just call our local office at 770-954-7888 today to speak to an experienced associate or get an online roll-off dumpster quote and our associates will help you find the perfect roll-off container for your next waste removal project.

Top-Rated Dumpster Rental Service

  • Our customers are our top priority and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied
  • We deliver dumpsters the same day and the next day
  • Our flat-fee pricing makes it affordable to rent from us
  • We give you extra time to finish your junk removal project

Rent a Roll-Off Dumpster for Your Home or Work Site in Suwanee

Choose from the many different roll-off sizes we offer from 10 to 40 cubic yards. If you aren’t sure what you need, then our team will make a professional recommendation for your junk removal project. With our help, you’ll be able to clean up at home or on the construction site. When you’re ready to rent your next dumpster, just call Waste Removal USA or get an online quote today!

Dumpster Sizes

*actual dimensions may vary
man in front of 10 yard roll off dumpster rental


10 yard dumpsters can hold about 3 pickup truck loads.Great for a spring cleaning like emptying your garage or basement.

man in front of 15 yard roll off dumpster rental


15 yard dumpsters can hold about 4.5 pickup truck loads. Ideal for slightly larger garage or basement cleanouts.

man in front of 20 yard roll off dumpster rental


20 yard dumpsters can hold about 6 pickup truck loads. Great for those remodeling or re-shingling a roof.

man in front of 30 yard roll off dumpster rental


30 yard dumpsters can hold about 9 pickup truck loads. Equipped for medium construction projects.

man in front of 40 yard roll off dumpster rental


40 yard dumpsters can hold about 12 pickup truck loads. The largest dumpster great for larger construction projects.

Maintain a Construction Site with Our Commercial Dumpster Rentals in Suwanee

construction dumpster rental

Image Credit: Rebekah Pruett Photography

When it’s time to open up a business near Sims Lake Park or you need to complete a job by Main Event Suwanee, you need a dumpster rental. Our team will deliver to you fast with the most affordable dumpster rental rates on the market. Even when your job site is found in Buford, Johns Creek, or Lawrenceville, we deliver quickly. So take the next step and call 770-954-7888 to rent a dumpster in Suwanee today!

Cheap Dumpster Rentals in Suwanee Make Home Junk Removal Easier

residential dumpster rental

Image Credit: Brianna Perilli Photography

Roll-off dumpster rentals give you a central location to help you clean up your home. It’s a big job and you need the right tools. Once your dumpster arrives, take your time and fill it with all your trash. Then, call or email us so we can come out the next day and remove it for you.

Learn More About Our Suwanee Dumpster Rental Services

At Waste Removal USA, you get affordable rental rates on all dumpsters. Whether you need dumpster rentals for job sites regularly or just for a one-time project, we’ve got you covered. So call us today at 770-954-7888 or email us at sales@wasteremovalusa.com.

About Suwanee

dumpster rental Suwanee

Thomson, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

A Gwinnett County community with a population of about 21,000 residents, Suwannee covers nearly 11 square miles of space. Also, the community was the home of the Atlanta Falcons football team until 2001. It has also been voted as one of the top places to live by multiple publications, as well.

Suwannee is home to the Town Center Park, George Pierce Park, and the Suwanee Creek Greenway. It’s known for the Suwanee Half Marathon and offers plenty of other events throughout the year.

Suwanee borders Sugar Hill, Duluth, and the Chattahoochee River. It’s located in both Gwinnett County and Forsyth Copuntin In Georgia. With the subtropical climate and close proximity to Atlanta, Suwanee is a popular place to live.

Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals in Suwanee & What to Put in Them

Renting a dumpster in Suwanee, GA will give you a central location for all the trash. You might be wondering what you can put in the dumpster and if there are any dumpster rental restrictions.

You can place all of the following in your dumpster for disposal:

  • Construction Debris – drywall, wood, countertops, sinks, pipes, shingles, and more
  • Furniture – sofas, chairs, tables, bookshelves, TV stands, and more
  • Household items – clothing, books, toys, games, documents, and more
  • Yard Waste – landscaping materials, mulch, grass clipping, leaves, and more

Along with these items, you can put any water-damaged or fire-damaged materials in your roll-off dumpster for disposal.

If you’re dealing with any hazardous materials, you cannot toss them out in your dumpster rental. These items require special disposal and must be taken to the correct facility. Things, such as gasoline, propane tanks, asbestos, tires, batteries, and ink have to be disposed of in a safe manner.

If you have questions or you’re ready to schedule your dumpster rental, call us today at 770-954-7888.

Street Permits & Suwanee Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals

When you rent a dumpster in Suwanee, you may need to first obtain a street permit. Whether you’re renting a dumpster for home use in a neighborhood or for commercial use in the city, permits are sometimes necessary.

A street permit is also known as a right-of-way permit. This type of permit allows you to use a specific area of public property for your dumpster rental. This might be the street, parking spaces, the sidewalk, or another form of public property.

The local public works or building department will issue your permit. Usually, they cost around $25 per week. Without a permit, you can be fined up to $200 per day.

Those living or working in an HOA neighborhood also need to contact the homeowner’s association. They might have rules and regulations about dumpster rentals. Some HOAs will only allow a certain size, duration, and placement, while others might require a permit that they will issue to you.

Avoid Choosing the Wrong Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Service

When you don’t choose the right dumpster rental company, you will likely overpay. You might not even know you paid too much unless you compare a few rental companies the next time. Of course, you might also get poor service from a bad rental company.

Some of the best ways to avoid hiring the wrong dumpster rental company include:

  • Check the reputation by reading online reviews
  • Make sure you understand the cost involved with renting a dumpster
  • Ensure they offer the right size for you and aren’t selling you too big of a dumpster
  • Make sure you’ll have plenty of time to clean up

When you choose Waste Removal USA, we offer a variety of dumpster sizes with more time than our competition for you to clean up. Our rates are the most affordable in Suwanee and we deliver very fast directly to your job site.

Pick a Junk Removal Service or a Cheap Dumpster Rental

The choice between a junk removal service and a dumpster rental isn’t easy. They are both beneficial services, but they work for different types of projects better than the others.

Projects for a Junk Removal Service

  • Large cleanup projects that need to be done very quickly
  • Disposal of one or two very heavy items you cannot handle yourself
  • Any cleanup job you cannot physically do on your own

A junk removal service will offer a full-service option providing the workers to do the heavy lifting for you.

Projects for a Roll-Off Dumpster Rental in Suwanee

  • Managing a construction site and keeping it safe
  • Replacing a roof
  • Cleaning out the garage, basement, or attic
  • Clearing land or cleaning up bad landscaping
  • Tossing out old furniture
  • Cleaning out a rental property in between tenants
  • Demolition before an upcoming renovation project
  • And More!

Dumpster rentals in Suwanee are flexible and offer an affordable solution for many types of trash removal projects.

Which Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Size Fits Your Job?

Deciding on the best dumpster size for any job can be challenging. It’s tough to determine the volume of garbage you will generate from the job. Here’s a peek at the sizes we provide and a few of the kinds of jobs they fit with best.

Perhaps you’re still not exactly sure which size is correct for your job. With a range of dumpster rental sizes to select from, it could be very difficult to make the best choice.

Our crew is prepared to help you choose the correct construction dumpster rental in Suwanee for your needs. Get in touch with us now at 770-954-7888.

Residential Property Renovation Demolition with the Best Roll-Off Dumpster Rental

It’s time to remodel the latest house you acquired to flip. It could be that you’re taking care of remodeling your property. In either case, there could possibly be a good level of home remodeling demolition to undertake.

With the correct tools, you can tackle the demolition by yourself and save some money on your renovation costs. Demolition is normally done by a team and costs hundreds, often, thousands of dollars.

Obviously, whether or not you choose to take care of the demolition by yourself, you want to rent a dumpster. House renovation creates a lot of debris and it has to go someplace. Always choose the best dumpster rental for your needs in Suwanee whenever you need to renovate and do the demolition on your own

The dumpster will become your main location for garbage. You can take it straight to the dumpster if you rip out a cupboard. It will also hold all the sheetrock, drywall, and wood you take out as you get rid of walls and additional things.

Residential Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals in Suwanee

Your dumpster rental does not need to be used for business or construction purposes. Certainly, you may rent a dumpster if you’re switching out a rooftop or doing some renovation, but there are a lot of other good reasons to rent a temporary dumpster for home use in Suwanee.

Whether you reside in Suwanee Station, Shadowbrook at Town Center, or Wild Timber, you may rent a dumpster for any kind of residential job. It’s time to spring clean and you know there may be a lot of garbage, why not rent a dumpster for the job?

Even when you’re decluttering, you may know a lot of junk will result from the job. You may rent a dumpster for all the garbage to make removal simpler.

Dumpster rentals even work for other household jobs, including clearing property, knocking down an old outdoor storage shed, dealing with an estate, or tearing down an existing deck. There are numerous reasons to use a roll-off dumpster rental at your residential property. You need to rent a dumpster when you want to throw out a big amount of junk.

A Quick House Decluttering Tutorial with a Driveway Dumpster

Decluttering your residence will by no means be a quick job. Nevertheless, there are several ways you can expedite the job. Here’s a fast tutorial to make house decluttering in Suwanee a little bit quicker and simpler.

Tip # 1 – Just One Area at a Time

Do not consider the whole home as the job. Break it down into spaces and take on 1 at a time.

Tip # 2 – Rent a Cheap Dumpster for the Clutter

Excessive junk can end up being frustrating quickly. When decluttering, renting a dumpster for your garbage will make things much simpler and much faster.

Tip # 3 – Form Piles/Categories

When decluttering your Suwanee house, form a pile/category for garbage (into your dumpster rental), give away, sell, keep, and decide later. The “decide later” category is the key. It is for the objects you cannot decide on. Throw them in this category and move on to help keep things moving forward. Then, take another look at these items later on in the decluttering process.

Use these 3 tips to make your house decluttering happen quicker and simpler. Whether or not you have gotten to packrat level, you can declutter with a roll-off dumpster rental and the proper strategy.

Can you use a Roll-Off Dumpster Rental for Environmentally Friendly Purposes?

Absolutely. Whether or not the eco-friendly reasons actually involve cleaning up a river or natural place, or it’s to help keep you from burning garbage, you really should rent a temporary dumpster.

With a roll-off dumpster rental in Suwanee, you gain an environmentally-friendly way to clean up. You will not need to burn your waste or get rid of it in the wrong way. Rather, you can rent a roll-off dumpster, throw all the waste into the dumpster, and let our team transport it away to the garbage dump.

The experts at the garbage dump will make sure it’s taken care of correctly and creates the least amount of damage to our ecosystem. Even though you can absolutely use a dumpster rental to clean up the earth, it can also supply an environment-friendly alternative for cleaning up around the house or on the construction site.

Renting a dumpster to help the natural environment is an excellent thing to do. It can easily help reduce the spreading of illness, make recycling simpler, and guarantee your junk is correctly thrown away at the appropriate garbage dump.

Get the LEED Reports You Need with a Construction Dumpster Rental in Suwanee

A certified LEED building offers many different benefits and it’s the wave of the future in the construction industry. It’s not uncommon for a new construction project to meet the LEED certification requirements. These requirements help to make buildings more sustainable and energy efficient.

While LEED for buildings can certainly be used with a new construction project, it can also be used for an existing building, too. A major renovation project for any type of building can offer the opportunity to gain LEED certification at one of the four levels: Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Make sure you understand the LEED scoring so you can gain the status level you prefer.

Taking on a new construction project or a major renovation means you need the right construction dumpster rentals in Suwanee for your project. Our team will provide you with all the necessary roll-off dumpsters for your needs. We offer a variety of roll-off containers and many different sizes to fit each portion of your project.

When you’re handling a big construction project, you will likely need long-term dumpster rentals with swap-out services. This type of project will have quite a bit of clean-up that will need to take place. Use our roll-off dumpster rentals and get the LEED reports that you need.

At Waste Removal USA, we offer an in-house operation that sends less of your junk and trash to the landfill. We recycle as much as possible, which gives you the sustainability necessary to bid on construction projects requiring LEED reports.

Dumpster Rental Options at Waste Removal USA

Give us a call and we will set you up with the right dumpster for the job in your local area


Residential roll off dumpsters are great for household clean outs or clean-ups, yard debris removal and general junk removal.


Roll off dumpsters for residential & commercial construction debris are perfect for any home renovation job.

Yard Waste

If you are doing yardwork and need a roll off container for yard waste in & around your local area, we have you covered.


Order a 10 yard or 20 yard roll off dumpsters for either "clean" concrete or "clean" dirt loads.


Just as the name implies, roofing dumpster rentals are used for shingles and sheathing only.

Dumpster Size Comparison


Typical Dumpster Dimensions

Estimated Capacity*

10 Cubic Yards

14' long x 7.5' wide x 3.5' high

3 pickup truck loads

15 Cubic Yards

16' long x 7.5' wide x 4' high

4.5 pickup truck loads

20 Cubic Yards

20' long x 7.5' wide x 4.5' high

6 pickup truck loads

30 Cubic Yards

22' long x 7.5' wide x 6' high

9 pickup truck loads

40 Cubic Yards

22' long x 7.5' wide x 7.5' high

12 pickup truck loads

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Suwanee Dumpster Rental FAQs

What happens if I fill up my roll-off dumpster rental in Suwanee, but I am not done with my junk removal project?

If you need to have your full dumpster emptied and replaced with a small or large dumpster rental, just call us and we will do a swap. You will be able to continue with your clean-up project with this service.

What happens with my cheap dumpster rental, if I have a steep driveway?

Typically, a driveway dumpster is placed in the driveway when delivered to a residential property. However, if you have a steep driveway, we will likely deliver your roll-off dumpster to the street near your home. A permit might be necessary, which we can help you get, as well.

Will I be able to choose from a variety of dumpster rental sizes in Suwanee?

Yes, we offer a variety of dumpster rental sizes with the most popular being the 10-yard, 15-yard, and 20-yard dumpsters for home projects. Our 30-yard dumpster rentals and 40-yard dumpster rentals are often used for commercial projects.

Will I have to follow any restrictions on my Suwanee dumpster rental?

Yes, there are some dumpster rental restrictions, specifically on hazardous materials. You are not allowed to place mattresses, freezers, televisions, paint cans, car batteries, food waste, oils, fuels, and other hazardous items into your roll-off dumpster rental.

All tree debris will need to be cut to lengths less than three feet and diameters of one foot or less. You cannot toss out tree root balls in your dumpster rental, either. If you place any restricted items into your dumpster rental, you’ll likely incur an additional charge.

Why should I choose Waste Removal USA in Suwanee for my roll-off dumpster rental needs?

Whether you need construction dumpster rentals or residential dumpster rentals, we use a customer-first business model. This means with Waste Removal USA, you get the cheapest dumpster rentals and the best customer service possible. Our team strives to be the best dumpster rental service in Suwanee. If you want a better experience, fast delivery, and more, we have the right roll-off dumpster rentals for you.

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