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Local Roll off & Dumpster Rental in Greensboro, NC

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Affordable & Fast Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals in Greensboro for Commercial & Residential Jobs

When you rent a dumpster in Greensboro from Waste Removal USA, you get the lowest rates. We also offer fast delivery on all dumpster rentals. Our team will work hard to make you a very happy customer. So, call our local office at 336-477-3888 and one of our associates will be happy to help you!

What Makes Our Dumpster Rental Services Better Than the Competition

Are you in need of regular construction dumpster rentals with fast delivery? Do you want the best rates and more time for your rental? We work hard to ensure you get exactly what you need, at an affordable price!

Rent a Dumpster for Your Home or Work Site in Greensboro

  • Our dumpster rentals go from 10 to 40 cubic yards in size
  • There’s enough space for 3 to 12 truckloads of trash
  • We deliver fast with same-day and next-day options
  • Our rates are transparent with no hidden fees or extra charges

Dumpster Sizes

*actual dimensions may vary
10 yard dumpster rentals service for spring cleaning


10 yard dumpsters can hold about 3 pickup truck loads.Great for a spring cleaning like emptying your garage or basement.

15 yard dumpster rentals service for slightly larger garage or basement cleanouts


15 yard dumpsters can hold about 4.5 pickup truck loads. Ideal for slightly larger garage or basement cleanouts.

20 yard dumpster rentals service for those remodeling or re-shingling a roof


20 yard dumpsters can hold about 6 pickup truck loads. Great for those remodeling or re-shingling a roof.

30 yard dumpster rentals service for medium construction projects


30 yard dumpsters can hold about 9 pickup truck loads. Equipped for medium construction projects.

40 yard dumpster rentals service for larger construction projects


40 yard dumpsters can hold about 12 pickup truck loads. The largest Dumpster Great for larger construction projects.

Greensboro Job Sites Stay Clean with Construction Dumpster Rentals

If you’re working on a junk removal project near the Greensboro Science Center or closer to the Piedmont Triad International Airport, we’re here to help. We will provide you with fast delivery, great rates, and a variety of dumpster sizes. Our team even delivers fast to Archdale, High Point, and Jamestown. So take the next step and call 336-477-3888 to rent a dumpster in Greensboro today!

About Greensboro

Originally called Greensborough, the city of Greensboro in North Carolina is located in Guilford County. It’s also the third-most populous city in the state with a population of nearly 270,000 residents. It’s the largest city in the Piedmont Triad metro region.

Greensboro covers more than 134 square miles. The city is home to several attractions including the Wyndham Golf Championship and the Atlantic Coast Conference headquarters.

Make Junk Removal Simple with a Roll-Off Dumpster Rental in Greensboro

If you’re ready to clean up your home, we’re ready to help. With a dumpster rental in Greensboro, you’ll have a central location for all the trash. We give you plenty of time to clean up. Once you’re done, just let us know and we will remove the dumpster the next day.

Learn More About Our Greensboro Area Dumpster Rental Services

At Waste Removal USA, we offer dumpster rental services for all types of trash removal jobs. Our team works hard to make your cleanup job easier. So call us today at 336-477-3888 or email us at

What to Dispose of in Your Roll-Off Dumpster Rental in Greensboro?

Renting a roll-off dumpster in Greensboro gives you a great option for cleaning up. You can use a dumpster rental for residential projects and commercial projects. It’s the right choice for the job site, but also for simple home cleanup projects.

Some of the things you can dispose of in a dumpster include:

  • Household Trash – kitchen items, appliances, electronics, clothing, etc.
  • Construction Debris – drywall, wood, old cabinets, shingles, etc.
  • Yard Waste – mulch, sod, branches, leaves, etc.
  • Demolition Debris – concrete, stone, brick, etc.
  • Furniture – sofas, tables, loveseats, recliners, etc.

You can also use a dumpster to clean up after a leak or a fire. Any water-damaged or fire-damaged items can go into the dumpster for disposal.

While all of these items, and more, can go into your roll-off dumpster rental, there are some dumpster rental restrictions. You’re not allowed to dispose of hazardous materials, such as gasoline, asbestos, pesticides, or paint in your dumpster rental. These items pose a risk for workers and the landfill.

If you have questions or you’re ready to rent a dumpster in Greensboro, call us today at 336-477-3888.

Street Permits for Construction Dumpster Rentals in Greensboro

Renting a dumpster in Greensboro might mean you need to call the public works or building department first. They will assess your needs when it comes to getting a street permit.

Street permits are also called right-of-way permits. They are used to give permission to place a dumpster rental on public property. Whether it’s a parking lot, the actual street, or the sidewalk, you cannot just place a dumpster rental on it without permission.

In fact, if you get caught doing so, you can be fined up to $200 per day. Since street permits only cost around $25 per week, it’s best to just get a permit before your dumpster rental arrives at the job site.

Even in a neighborhood, you might need a permit if the dumpster will go on the street. It’s also wise to check with the homeowner’s association before renting a dumpster for residential use. They may regulate the dumpster size, the placement on the property, and the amount of time it’s allowed to stay.

Quick Tips for Finding the Right Greensboro Dumpster Rental Company

Finding the right dumpster rental company for you doesn’t need to be difficult. Simply use the following quick tips.

Check Reviews

Our online world makes it easy to find out what customers really think about a company. Always check the reviews online before renting a dumpster.

Look at the Pricing

Some companies charge by the pound and use hidden fees. At Waste Removal USA, we use upfront, flat-fee rental pricing to make budgeting easy.

Get the Right Size

When a dumpster rental company is out of the size you need or doesn’t carry it, you should move on. They might try to rent you a larger or smaller dumpster, which will only cost you more time and money.

Get More Time

With some dumpster rental services, you only get a few days to clean up. At Waste Removal USA, we give you 14 days to finish the job.

With these tips, you can find the right Greensboro dumpster rental company for your needs.

Junk Removal Services or Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals in Greensboro, NC

When you need to get rid of trash, you have options. You can hire a junk removal service or rent a dumpster. Both of these options will do the trick, but they are very different.

Junk Removal Services

Hiring a junk removal service is all about convenience. If you don’t have the time or the ability to do the work yourself, this is the right option for you. They send a crew to handle your trash, but it comes at a high price.

Usually, junk removal services are best for hauling away a few large or heavy items. While they can do full-service clean up, it can get rather pricey in a hurry.

Greensboro Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals

Renting a dumpster gives you a central spot for all your trash. You get several days to clean up at home or on the job site. Dumpsters make it easy to manage a safe and clean job site.

With a dumpster rental, you get an affordable way to toss out the trash. Even if you just have old furniture to throw out, a dumpster rental is often the most affordable option.

Choosing the Right Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Size for Your Job

When you choose to rent a temporary dumpster from our team, we deliver a lot of different sizes. When you’re not exactly sure which dumpster rental to pick, you can easily use the straightforward overview listed below to help make your choice much easier.

Pairing the dumpster size to your job makes a significant difference. It is not necessary to pay too much for too big of a dumpster.

Our staff is ready to offer an expert suggestion for the best size dumpster in Greensboro for your task, simply contact us at 336-477-3888.

Greensboro Cheap Dumpster Rentals Work Well for House Renovation Demolition

You can save a fair bit of money if you take care of the house renovating demolition on your own. When deciding to DIY this sort of job, renting a dumpster is a great plan. Your dumpster rental provides a very good location for all the waste, which can make cleaning up a lot easier during the demolition.

There are many tools you should have before you begin any type the demolition part of your house renovating job. Make certain you have tools, such as a shop vac, hammer, sledgehammer, crow-bar, and gloves. When you DIY this kind of job, ensure you have an idea of what you could encounter.

For individuals doing demolition for the very first time, be ready. It’s a very good idea to be certain about what to take out before you begin. Renting a roll-off dumpster in Greensboro will help make the mess simpler to clean up. A dumpster rental offers you a spot to throw out all the waste without worrying where the mess will go.

Renting a Residential Dumpster in Greensboro, NC

Everybody may rent a dumpster for home projects. You do not even really need to be handling some sort of house renovating job. If you own your residential property or get approval from the property owner, you may use a dumpster for all kinds of residential property clean-up projects.

It does not matter if you reside in Glenwood, Sunset Hills, or Southside, you may use any of our temporary dumpster rentals for your job. Renting a roll-off dumpster provides a great tool for cleaning up at your house. With the proper dumpster, you may clean out your whole home or just the attic.

Residential dumpster rentals also work well for estates and clearing property. You may just want to tackle some landscape work or perhaps you want to tackle a bigger residential property job.

When you need to do any of these residential projects, get a dumpster rental. A dumpster can even make things easier for decluttering or spring cleaning.

Your Guide to Decluttering Your House with a Cheap Dumpster Rental

Roll-off dumpster rentals can make it simpler to tackle your decluttering job. Maybe you really need a little bit of help with your decluttering job and this quick guide is meant specifically for that.

Begin with specifying the best objectives for the project. Do you intend to tackle a whole-house decluttering job or simply a couple of areas? If you also intend to declutter additional spots, including the basement, attic, and garage, make certain to incorporate them within your objectives. Make a strategy and establish objectives for all of the spaces you intend to declutter.

Second, make certain you have a method to separate the items you possess. This process will very likely involve items to give away, throw in the garbage, keep, and sell. Now, it’s time to begin and go through your items.

Third, you need to go through all the things you own. Work through your home a single room at a time until you complete the whole task.

Last, you really should have rented a dumpster and once it’s full of all your junk, you can get it transported away. You might sell your items in various ways including on the internet or with a yard sale or a pawn shop.

Are Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals in Greensboro Friendly to the Natural Environment?

Roll-off dumpster rentals from Waste Removal USA provide an environment-friendly technique to clean up. In place of making numerous trips to the garbage dump, you can reduce emissions by allowing us to haul away your waste in just one trip. In many cases, dumpster rentals may also help with recycling.

Dumpsters provide you the capability to get rid of the garbage without needing to burn it or allow it to get thrown out improperly. As an alternative to burning your garbage, you can use the eco-friendly roll-off dumpsters, which will not damage the natural environment. While some garbage can safely be burned, most can put poisons into the environment.

Dumpster rentals on job sites and for house clean-up help protect against the garbage from going into the waterways, as well. Many areas have contaminated streams, ponds, and reservoirs because of getting rid of garbage the incorrect way. Clean-up events may also be served effectively by dumpster rentals, specifically when cleaning up rivers.

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Greensboro Dumpster Rental FAQs

Where does my dumpster rental in Greensboro get delivered to on my property?

When we deliver a driveway dumpster rental, it will likely go in your driveway. This is commonly the best location for your roll-off dumpster rental.

What happens if my dumpster rental is full, but I am not done cleaning up?

When you fill up even a large dumpster rental before you’re done, we can do a swap. This is when we haul away your full dumpster and replace it with an empty roll-off dumpster rental. 

Will I be able to toss out any type of trash in my roll-off dumpster rental?

There are certain items you cannot toss out in your dumpster rental, which include:

  • Mattresses
  • Oils, fuels, and propane tanks
  • Tree root balls
  • Railroad Ties
  • Tires
  • Paint cans and Lacquers
  • Adhesives
  • Car Batteries
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Televisions
  • Food Waste
  • Inks and Resins

If you load your dumpster with any of the not allowed items, you’ll be charged a fee. It’s best to understand the dumpster rental restrictions before you start tossing out your trash

Which type of dumpster rental will I need?

Most projects at home will require a 10-yard, 15-yard, or 20-yard dumpster rental. However, larger commercial projects may require a larger dumpster. We can help you choose the right type of dumpster for your needs.

Why should you use Waste Removal USA in Greensboro, NC?

When you choose Waste Removal USA for your residential or commercial dumpster rental, you get a dedicated team ready to help you. We offer affordable dumpster rental services with fast delivery and quick pick up. Our team is dedicated to making sure you get the right dumpster rental for your needs.

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