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January 2, 2022

Local Trash Pickup vs. Trash Dumpster Rental in Brookhaven

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Local Trash Pickup vs. Trash Dumpster Rental in Brookhaven

When you have more than a normal amount of trash you need to get rid of, it’s time to consider which is best, local trash pick-up service or trash dumpster rental in Brookhaven. Some items your local trash pickup won’t take or other bulk items might be left at the curb or require a special pick up. Before you decide to rent a dumpster in Brookhaven or try to put something out on the curb, you should know what to expect. Let’s look at when residential dumpster rentals make sense and when it makes sense to use your local trash pick-up service.

Trash Pickup vs. Trash Dumpster Rental in Brookhaven: What You Can Toss Out

A big part of making the decision between renting a dumpster or putting trash out on the curb is what you’re allowed to toss out. You can visit the Brookhaven city website to find out what they allow to go out to the curb. Not all things can be put out to the curb for your local trash guy. Some things will just be left there and other things you might get in trouble for putting out. Often, local trash pick-up services won’t take:
  • Appliances
  • Landscaping debris
  • Home renovation materials
  • Concrete
  • Old furniture
  • And other bulk items
While some cities might allow for a bulk pickup, they might charge you for it or they might have strict restrictions. With a dumpster rental in Brookhaven, you can dispose of anything you want, except for hazardous materials. For a list of what you can and cannot toss out in a dumpster, check out our article called What can I put in My Dumpster Rental?

Where can I Toss Out My Unwanted Household Trash?

When you have old furniture, clothing, kitchen items, and other unwanted household trash, it can be tossed out in a dumpster rental. While some of this can go in bags and out for the local trash pick-up in Brookhaven, not everything will be taken. It’s much easier to deal with decluttering your home, yard waste, renovation trash, and other household junk with a dumpster rental in Brookhaven. When you have a temporary dumpster rental, you have the ability to toss in all types of trash without worry. Then, it’s hauled away for you by the dumpster rental company you chose.

Local Trash Pick Up or Trash Dumpster Rental in Brookhaven: Which is Right For You?

You don’t always need a dumpster rental for your trash. If you just have a large bag of stuff to toss out, put it out with your regular trash at the curb. However, when you have more than a bag or two of trash, it’s time to consider another option. Local trash pick-up is best for day-to-day, common trash you toss out in your kitchen trash can. If it’s something unique you don’t throw out often or you have a large amount of trash, putting it on the curb could be a mistake. Instead, consider renting a roll-off dumpster in Brookhaven for your trash. Not only do you run the risk of your trash being left behind at the curb, but you can also watch items blow away and you might get in trouble for littering. It’s better to handle your trash in an appropriate way than to try and put bulk items out for the local trash service to pick up. The decision between dumpster rentals and local trash pick up in Brookhaven is pretty simple really. If you have a few bags of trash, put them out on the curb. When it reaches the point where you have a larger amount of trash or larger items, or you’re decluttering or working on renovations, it’s time to rent a temporary dumpster in Brookhaven for your trash.


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