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January 2, 2022

Local Trash Pickup vs. Trash Dumpster Rental in Atlanta

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Local Trash Pickup vs. Trash Dumpster Rental in Atlanta

It’s common to think you can just toss out anything when you put your trash out to the curb for local trash pick-up. While this might work for some things, many items will be left at the curb by your local trash pick-up service in Atlanta. Sometimes, it’s better to get a roll-off trash dumpster rental in Atlanta. When you have a large pile of trash to toss out or you know you will need to make multiple trips to the landfill, a dumpster rental for your residential or commercial project is the right option.

Trash Pick Up vs. Trash Dumpster Rental in Atlanta – What You can Toss Out

One of the biggest differences between renting a dumpster in Atlanta and local trash pick-up is what you can toss out. Most local trash pick-up services won’t take old furniture, large household items, construction materials, appliances, and other larger items. Some pick-up services may not take yard waste, or if they do, it might be on specific days or it might have to be bagged in a specific type of bag. Many local trash services won’t take larger tree limbs, either. There are many things they might not take because they are designed to handle regular household trash, not yard waste, furniture, appliances, and other types of things you need to toss out. With a roll-off dumpster rental in Atlanta, you can toss out most items. The size of the item won’t matter and anything outside of hazardous materials can be tossed out. We have a more complete list of the things you can and cannot put in a dumpster rental found here. When compared, dumpster rentals offer the ability to toss out far more types of trash than your local trash pick-up in Atlanta. While this is the case, neither service will allow you to toss out hazardous materials. You will need to find a local recycling facility or the right type of landfill for hazardous materials.

Which One Offers More Space?

This is a pretty obvious question, but an important one. If you live in Atlanta, depending on where you are, you might have assigned trash cans or you might have to buy a specific type. most trash cans will hold a few standard kitchen-size trash bags full of trash, but that’s about it. With a temporary dumpster rental in Atlanta, you can load up to three to twelve pick-up truckloads of trash, depending on the size of the dumpster you rent. This makes a dumpster rental an easier way to get rid of old furniture, deal with construction debris from remodeling, and handle so much more. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your trash splitting the bags and causing issues for the local trash pick-up service.

Where Will I Put My Trash with Each Option?

Another question you might need to look at before deciding between using a dumpster rental or local trash pick-up for your project is where you will put your trash. With a dumpster rental, you’ll be able to toss it directly into the dumpster. It doesn’t have to go in a special bag or can. You will also not have to haul it to the curb for the trash pick-up service. If you want to save yourself some time when decluttering your home or handling a renovation project, renting a dumpster just makes sense. It will likely sit in your driveway, making it a convenient place for your trash.

Final Thoughts on Local Trash Pick Up vs. Trash Dumpster Rental in Atlanta

While your local trash pick-up in Atlanta will take your everyday trash, when you have bulk trash or larger items, it’s best to rent a dumpster from Waste Removal USA. We offer fast delivery and we haul away the trash for you. You won’t have to wait for trash day to put out all the junk you need to get rid of, either. Instead, just load up your dumpster rental, call or email us, and watch your trash disappear the next day!