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January 2, 2022

Bulk Trash Removal at Home

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Bulk Trash Removal at Home

What do you do with the trash after you’ve demolished your kitchen cabinets, cleared out the attic, and bagged the yard waste? You can’t fit it in the back of your trunk to take it to the dump, and you can’t leave it on the curb for your waste management crew all at once. Continue reading to learn about your bulk trash removal options. Here are a few options to think about for your bulk trash.

1. Drive to the dumping site in a borrowed or rented truck

This could take several trips, and you will have to do the heavy lifting. You’ll have to pay rental fees, dumping fees, and fuel costs as well.

2. Rent a dumpster for bulk trash removal

You can also decide to rent a roll-off dumpster if you want to get rid of a lot of trash. However, your lawn and driveway might be damaged by these large dumpsters. They allow you to work when and where you want, but they can be expensive. You are also stuck doing the heavy lifting, just like with truck rentals.

3. Seek out local assistance

One can also ask your waste management company if they accept bulky items and large amounts of trash on specific days or at regular intervals annually. You could also ask around your neighborhood to see if you can pay someone to pick up your trash. You never know; your trash could be someone else’s treasure! Even if something isn’t in working order, such as a lawnmower, someone may be willing to take it off your hands for free.

The most viable option for bulk trash removal

Our temporary dumpster rentals are perfect for cleaning out your house or remodeling. We have dumpster sizes to suit any project, ensuring that you don’t overpay for your residential dumpster rental. You will receive prompt service from knowledgeable drivers, as well as dumpster delivery to your home. Simply call when the dumpster is full or schedule a pickup ahead of time. We will also establish a service to match your construction needs, whether you’re remodeling your business or starting from scratch. Our large dumpsters are available temporarily to meet your project’s needs. You can order a dumpster online or call to speak with a representative about your requirements.

Professional guidance

It’s pertinent to know that dumpsters have varying tonnage capacities and weight limits which is something that needs to be considered. Please notify us if you are disposing of heavy materials so that we can advise you on your specific tonnage limits. Also, when filling your dumpster, make sure it’s level and not overflowing.   If the material is heavy, make sure the weight is evenly distributed from side to side and front to back. Also, make sure the material is loaded so it does not fall out. Allow at least 6ft between the building and the back door of the dumpster if you need to open it. The truck must have clearance from trees and wires above the drop-off point, which is often overlooked when renting a dumpster. As a result, delivering and retrieving a dumpster requires a significant amount of height.


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debbie Craton
debbie Craton
Heather was SUPER friendly and worked with me to get me whst I needed.I am very glad I called Waste Removal
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adorna hayward
Very pleasant to work with. Makes you want to call her back specifically.
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Alvin Laws
Always answers. Very responsive and follows the guidelines we have requested about where our receptacle sits.
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Tiger Fuller
Garrett (Sales) and Kaelin (A/R) are both very cordial and accommodating. They're the best! I also appreciate all of the other staff members who have answered the phone any time that I call the office because they, too, are very pleasant to speak with.
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Jay Gehring
Ricardo was an excellent sales rep and helped make the process of ordering a roll off simple and easy. I'd recommend Waste Removal USA and him specifically and will use them again if the need arises.