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Local Roll Off & Dumpster Rental in Scottdale, GA

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Which Size Dumpster Rental is Best for Your Project?

It’s time to complete a trash removal project and you want to rent a dumpster in Scottdale. The only issue, you have no idea what size you need for the project.

It can be hard to determine the correct dumpster size without some guidance. Here are the dumpster sizes we offer at Waste Removal USA and the types of projects they fit best with.

The right size dumpster rental ensures you have enough space for all the trash. If you need help choosing the best size for your junk removal project, call us today at 770-954-7888. We can provide a professional recommendation.

Dumpster Rentals in Scottdale Make Demolition Easier

Are you getting ready to handle a home remodeling demolition project? Do you need somewhere for all the debris? Renting a dumpster in Scottdale is the right solution.

Whether you’re trying to save money by doing the demolition yourself or you’re a contractor getting ready to handle it for an upcoming job, the right roll-off dumpster rental will make it easier. If you’ve never done home demolition work before, you probably don’t realize the amount of trash you will have. It can’t just go out to the curb with your regular household garbage.

Renting a dumpster gives you a central place to toss all the debris. Whether it’s drywall, wood, flooring, countertops, or even cement, you can toss it in the dumpster. Once you’re done, we haul the dumpster away for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just remodeling one room or doing the entire house. When you start the demolition project, you’ll end up with a pile of trash and nowhere to take it. Save time and stress by renting a temporary dumpster in Scottdale for your home remodel demolition project.

Renting a Residential Dumpster in Scottdale, GA

Dumpster rentals work great for construction projects and contractors. However, they are not just for commercial use.

you can rent a dumpster for residential cleanup projects of all types. Whether you live in Oakhurst, Medlock, or another Scottdale neighborhood, renting a dumpster will make home clutter cleanup easier.

There are several reasons why you might need a dumpster rental in Scottdale. Maybe you just purchased a home and you want to tear down the old above-ground swimming pool. You might need to get rid of an old shed or toss out old furniture. Dumpster rentals make all of these residential projects easier.

Sometimes, you have to deal with an estate and it can get messy. With a dumpster rental, you gain a central spot for all the trash.

Even if you just need to declutter or handle some spring cleaning, a dumpster rental can be helpful. Since you can toss out just about all household trash, renting a dumpster just makes sense when you need to clean up at home.

You can even use a dumpster rental for large landscaping jobs or to clear land. No matter the junk removal project, a residential dumpster rental offers a great solution.

Dumpster Sizes

*actual dimensions may vary
man in front of 10 yard roll off dumpster rental


10 yard dumpsters can hold about 3 pickup truck loads.Great for a spring cleaning like emptying your garage or basement.

man in front of 15 yard roll off dumpster rental


15 yard dumpsters can hold about 4.5 pickup truck loads. Ideal for slightly larger garage or basement cleanouts.

man in front of 20 yard roll off dumpster rental


20 yard dumpsters can hold about 6 pickup truck loads. Great for those remodeling or re-shingling a roof.

man in front of 30 yard roll off dumpster rental


30 yard dumpsters can hold about 9 pickup truck loads. Equipped for medium construction projects.

man in front of 40 yard roll off dumpster rental


40 yard dumpsters can hold about 12 pickup truck loads. The largest dumpster great for larger construction projects.

Declutter Your Home with a Roll-Off Dumpster Rental

construction dumpster rental

Image Credit: Rebekah Pruett Photography

Have you decided it’s time to declutter your home? Do you want to live a more minimalistic lifestyle? Maybe your home has become a hoarder’s paradise and you simply cannot take it anymore.

Regardless of the reason, when you decide it’s time to declutter your home, a few tips will help make the process easier.

1. Rent a Dumpster

With a dumpster rental in your driveway, you’ll have an easy place to throw all the trash. Decluttering can be a very big job, especially if you have a ton of stuff. Even if things are shoved away in closets, you can end up with so much trash you don’t know what to do with it. Roll-off dumpster rentals work great for this type of situation.

2. One Room at a Time

Decluttering becomes overwhelming fast. Start with one room and finish it before moving on to the next and don’t forget the closets.

3. Sell, Donate, and Trash

While there will be things you keep, make sure you decide what to sell, donate, and trash. If it doesn’t work anymore, it belongs in the trash.

When you decide to take on a home decluttering project, these three tips will help make it an easier process.

Renting an Environmentally-Friendly Dumpster in Scottdale

residential dumpster rental

Image Credit: Brianna Perilli Photography

You can rent a dumpster to clean up a park, neighborhood, waterway, or another area and it would be considered rather eco-friendly. While this is certainly a wonderful thing to do, even if you’re cleaning up at home or on the job site, your dumpster rental is environmentally friendly.

Renting a dumpster offers several solutions to an eco-friendlier junk removal project. First, you’ll use less gas compared to making multiple trips in a truck to the landfill. Second, you won’t need to burn any trash, which is very bad for the atmosphere. Finally, you’ll be properly disposing of your trash and letting professionals at the landfill handle it.

Getting rid of your trash and junk should be done properly. Recycling is a good idea, but many things simply cannot be recycled. When you rent a roll-off dumpster in Scottdale, you gain access to an eco-friendly way to dispose of all your trash.

We Offer Sustainable Dumpster Rentals in Scottdale for Your Construction Project

Bidding for a certified LEED building means making sure you can meet the necessary LEED certification requirements. You will need to work with the right partners and services to ensure you are offering a level of sustainability for the project. Companies are looking to become more environmentally friendly through zero-waste practices and LEED certification.

The LEED for buildings program provides the framework necessary to gain cost-saving benefits and other benefits from a more sustainable building. Whether it’s an existing building going through a major renovation or a new construction project, it’s important to understand the specific LEED scoring for the project.

Choosing the right dumpster rental service in Scottdale can help you meet the necessary requirements of a LEED building project. When you work with Waste Removal USA, you get the right construction dumpster rentals with LEED reports. We don’t just send all the materials from your job site to the landfill to be disposed of as other dumpster rental companies do.

When you hire our team, you get roll-off containers delivered fast and we keep your job site outfitted throughout the process. We also use an in-house process to make sure as much as possible can be recycled before sending the last of the trash to the landfill. Our sustainable operation benefits you when taking on a LEED building project.

Dumpster Rental Options at Waste Removal USA

Give us a call and we will set you up with the right dumpster for the job in your local area


Residential roll off dumpsters are great for household clean outs or clean-ups, yard debris removal and general junk removal.


Roll off dumpsters for residential & commercial construction debris are perfect for any home renovation job.

Yard Waste

If you are doing yardwork and need a roll off container for yard waste in & around your local area, we have you covered.


Order a 10 yard or 20 yard roll off dumpsters for either "clean" concrete or "clean" dirt loads.


Just as the name implies, roofing dumpster rentals are used for shingles and sheathing only.

Dumpster Size Comparison


Typical Dumpster Dimensions

Estimated Capacity*

10 Cubic Yards

14' long x 7.5' wide x 3.5' high

3 pickup truck loads

15 Cubic Yards

16' long x 7.5' wide x 4' high

4.5 pickup truck loads

20 Cubic Yards

20' long x 7.5' wide x 4.5' high

6 pickup truck loads

30 Cubic Yards

22' long x 7.5' wide x 6' high

9 pickup truck loads

40 Cubic Yards

22' long x 7.5' wide x 7.5' high

12 pickup truck loads

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Scottdale Dumpster Rental FAQs

How much will it cost to rent a dumpster in Scottdale, GA?

A roll-off rental in Scottdale will start at $299 for the smallest container size. What you pay as the final price will depend on which dumpster size makes sense for you, the weight of your materials when weighed at the landfill, the rental period, etc. We want to make sure that you get the right container size from the start to save time and money, which is why our team has created online dumpster weight calculators so that you can choose exactly what you need for your specific materials. Regardless of what you need to clean up, our team will help you get a roll-off dumpster size and tonnage for you at a price that can’t be beaten!

How can you rent a dumpster in Scottdale?

If you need to rent a dumpster in Scottdale for residential or commercial cleanup, call the pros at Waste Removal USA today at (844) 762-8449. You can also get an online dumpster quote and our team will help you get an accurate estimate for your desired container size. 

What can I put in a roll-off container rental?

As long as you avoid placing restricted items in your rental and you keep your materials below the top lip (or at the halfway point for some heavier materials), then you should be good to throw away what you would like. These limitations will apply whether you need a concrete dumpster, yard waste dumpster, roofing dumpster, or a dumpster for any other type of project, and our roll-off rental pros are always available to help when you have questions about the dos and don’ts.

Restricted Roll-Off Dumpster Items:

  • Mattresses
  • Oils, fuels, and propane tanks
  • Tree root balls
  • Railroad Ties
  • Tires
  • Paint cans and Lacquers
  • Adhesives
  • Car Batteries
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Televisions
  • Food Waste
  • Inks and Resins

Which dumpster size should I rent for my project?

The ideal roll-off rental size will depend on what project you are tackling. If you want a home dumpster rental for home improvement projects or you need a smaller size for heavy materials, Waste Removal USA offers 10-yard dumpsters, 15-yard dumpsters, and 20-yard dumpsters that will work great. We also offer 30-yard dumpsters and 40-yard dumpsters when you’re looking for a construction dumpster for your work site to keep things tidy. Regardless of what you need, our team can help you find the perfect roll-off container for any project of any size or scope.

How long do dumpster rentals last?

Most roll-off providers will let you keep a dumpster rental for 7 days. When you need more time with your open-top dumpster, then work with Waste Removal USA! Our team will even assist you with container swapping when you need multiple cans to handle larger projects.

Where do you rent dumpsters in Scottdale, GA?

If you’re ready to rent a dumpster near you in Scottdale for any type of project, reach out to our dumpster rental pros at Waste Removal USA at your earliest convenience! Our team of associates has been renting to clients in Scottdale and around metro Atlanta for many years and we can’t wait to get started on your project next! Just give us a call or get your online quote to get your dumpster on the delivery schedule.

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