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July 2, 2021

Things You Might Not Know About Dumpster Bin Rental

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Things You Might Not Know About Dumpster Bin Rental

You’re considering renting a dumpster, but you’re not sure what to expect. Maybe it’s the first time you’ve considered dumpster bin rental or maybe it has been a very long time. If you’re not sure what to expect or you just want to understand a few more things about renting a dumpster, here are a few quick things you might not know about dumpster rentals.

3 Things About Renting a Dumpster You Might Not Know

1. City Codes Matter

Your local city codes make a difference when you rent a dumpster. some local city government offices will require a permit and others won’t. Each local area is different and you don’t want to violate a city code by renting a dumpster and placing it somewhere it doesn’t belong. It will likely be against the local code to place a dumpster rental on the street in front of a residential or commercial property. However, you can get a permit to make it legal and to make sure you can use the area for the size dumpster rental you need.

2. Putting Too Much in Your Dumpster Bin Rental is Hazardous

When you rent a dumpster, you’ll choose the size you believe is best for your project. It will have a weight limit and if you go over that weight limit, you could end up paying more, depending on the company you choose. However, it can also become a safety hazard if you overfill your dumpster. Not only can items fall out as your dumpster is being pulled away, but it can also cause safety issues on your property. An overfilled dumpster isn’t stable on your property, as things can fall out and hurt someone. It’s best to make sure you never fill your dumpster more than three-quarters full. If you’re getting rid of heavier materials, such as dirt or concrete, you may need to keep it below the halfway mark. Keep this in mind when choosing the right dumpster rental size for your specific needs.

3. Dumpster Bin Rental Cost Might Go Up with Some Items

Some dumpster rental companies won’t take certain items, while others will charge a fee for those items. Tires are a common item that landfills won’t take, which means there could be a fee for each tire you try to get rid of when you rent a dumpster. You may also pay extra if you try to get rid of wet concrete, paint, stovetops, ovens, hazardous chemical, medical waste, or a few other items. It’s best to check with your dumpster rental company to find out what they do allow and do not allow before filling up your dumpster. If you need to rent a dumpster for any type of cleanup project, it’s best to make sure you know what you can get rid of and what you cannot. Check the city codes in your area and make sure you understand how full you can safely fill your dumpster rental.