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October 31, 2022

Oklahoma City Roll Off Rentals: Do I Need a Small Dumpster or a Large Dumpster?

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Oklahoma City Roll-Off Rentals: Do I Need a Small Dumpster or a Large Dumpster?

The debate between a small dumpster and a large dumpster can be a difficult one. You know your project requires an Oklahoma City dumpster rental, but you’re not sure which size is right. There are many to choose from and each size dumpster fits a different type of project. As you start looking into renting a dumpster in Oklahoma City, you’ll want to consider the materials you’re tossing out, the weight limit of the dumpster, and the actual size of the dumpster. Since all your trash has to remain below the top lip and within the dumpster’s weight limit, it’s important to use the online dumpster weight calculators when choosing the right roll-off rental size.

Small Dumpster Rentals vs. Large Dumpster Rentals: Which is Right for Your Project?

The ultimate roll-off rental size decision will come down to the space you need and the weight capacity necessary for the materials you are tossing out. It might seem like the larger or heavier your materials, the bigger size you need, but this isn’t always true. Smaller dumpster rentals, such as the 10-yard and 15-yard, are the best choice for concrete disposal and dirt disposal. This is due to the heavier weight of these materials and the transportation restrictions. You simply cannot toss out too many of these heavy materials in one load.

Best Uses for Small Dumpster Rentals

Small dumpster rentals will come in 10-yard, 15-yard, and 20-yard sizes. They tend to fit best for residential projects and for disposing of heavier materials. However, these small dumpsters can work great for some construction projects, such as roof replacement and re-shingling. When you rent a dumpster for concrete disposal, a dumpster for yard waste, or a dumpster for roofing, it will be a small dumpster rental. These smaller sizes also work great for decluttering your home and for smaller remodeling projects. The shorter height makes it easier to get heavier materials into a small dumpster rental. Plus, these dumpsters tend to fit into driveways easily and don’t take up much space on the street, when there isn’t a driveway to be used.

Best uses for Large Dumpster Rentals

Large dumpster rentals include 30-yard and 40-yard dumpster sizes. These are the largest two sizes you will find and often work best as commercial dumpster rentals and for construction job sites. Many larger projects will benefit from these two large dumpster rental sizes. When you’re looking for an Oklahoma City dumpster rental for a commercial job site, it will likely be a 30-yard or 40-yard dumpster. It’s common to rent a large dumpster for home demolition projects, office renovations, deck demolitions, home additions, home building projects, large home clean-outs, and pallet disposal. Many large construction projects will benefit from the extra space. Just remember, if the project includes getting rid of dirt, concrete, or bricks, you might also need a small dumpster rental for those materials. Whether you need a small roll-off dumpster or a large roll-off dumpster, Waste Removal USA has you covered. Call us or get a quote online today to get rolling! Roll-Off Rentals Available in These Locations: