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March 8, 2022

Lawrenceville Junk Removal & Mattress Disposal

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Lawrenceville Junk Removal: Is a Dumpster Rental the Right Solution?

Mattress disposal and junk removal in Lawrenceville can be handled with a roll-off dumpster rental. There are plenty of ways to get rid of your junk. However, renting a dumpster offers the most affordable choice, in most circumstances.

When you need to declutter your home, clean out a rental property, or just get rid of an old mattress and some other furniture, dumpster rentals make sense. You can handle your Lawrenceville junk removal with the right dumpster rental.

Is it Time to Dispose of an Old Mattress?

You should change out your mattress every eight years or so. This is when a mattress likely has collected too much dust, has become worn out or has become too dirty to keep. It can become a health hazard.

When this happens, you might have other household items to get rid of. If so, make sure you get a roll-off dumpster rental in Lawrenceville. This will allow you to toss out more than just your old mattress.

Other Items You Can Toss Out with Your Old Mattress

Your old mattress can go into your junk removal dumpster with other items. It’s unlikely you will rent a dumpster just to toss out one old mattress. However, when you have several items, a dumpster rental in Lawrenceville offers an economic solution.

Some of the many things you can toss out in your temporary dumpster rental include:

  • Old couches, recliners, tables, end tables, dressers, and other furniture items
  • Clothing, toys, kitchen items, and other household items
  • Flooring, cabinets, countertops, and other items from a remodeling project
  • Old moving boxes
  • And more!

There are many items you can toss out with your mattress. When you need to dispose of an old mattress, it’s a good time to dispose of other junk, too.

How to Deal with Bed Bugs When You Rent a Dumpster in Lawrenceville

Bed bugs are a bit difficult to deal with. They can infiltrate your mattress and other furniture. When this happens, you need to follow local regulations to handle disposal.

Our team will provide you with the right advice for disposal. We can help you make the right decisions with this type of disposal. Of course, our team can also offer you a residential dumpster rental.

Temporary Dumpster Rental or Junk Removal Service in Lawrenceville

When you choose to rent a dumpster or hire a junk removal service, you can get the results you need. A junk removal service is usually more expensive and a bit more convenient. This is often the choice for those not capable of doing the work to fill a dumpster themselves. 

Dumpster rentals in Lawrenceville offer a less expensive option. You get more time to toss out the trash. Often, dumpster rentals also allow you to get rid of more things. Waste Removal USA offers affordable rates and fast delivery. Get a Quote for your dumpster rental from us today!


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Alvin Laws
Always answers. Very responsive and follows the guidelines we have requested about where our receptacle sits.
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Tiger Fuller
Garrett (Sales) and Kaelin (A/R) are both very cordial and accommodating. They're the best! I also appreciate all of the other staff members who have answered the phone any time that I call the office because they, too, are very pleasant to speak with.
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Jay Gehring
Ricardo was an excellent sales rep and helped make the process of ordering a roll off simple and easy. I'd recommend Waste Removal USA and him specifically and will use them again if the need arises.
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Lynda Chisholm
Excellent customer service from Vanessa. Will definitely use again and recommend.
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Crystal Ingram
Louiner Pierre-Louis, was a huge help getting set up for a dumpster to clean up after the storm. He was very helpful and polite.