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February 5, 2024

How Much Does a Bundle of Shingles Weigh: Understanding Roofing Material Weight

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When tackling a roofing project, whether as a DIY enthusiast or a professional, understanding the weight of a bundle of shingles is crucial. This knowledge not only aids in logistics and planning but also ensures that the structural integrity of the roof can support your chosen roofing material. The average bundle of asphalt shingles, which are a common choice due to their balance of durability and cost-effectiveness, typically weigh between 60 to 80 pounds. Considering that roof surfaces are measured in “squares” (100 square feet), and each square usually requires three bundles of shingles, it’s vital to calculate the total weight when planning your project. This aids in ordering the correct amount and size of shingles, as well as in arranging the appropriate disposal solution for old materials. Moreover, for those looking to rent dumpsters for waste, it’s necessary to estimate the total roof weight to select an adequately sized container.

Key Takeaways

  • A bundle of asphalt shingles weighs between 60 to 80 pounds.
  • Roof surfaces are measured in squares, each requiring three bundles.
  • Accurately estimating the total roof weight is important for project planning and waste disposal.


Shingle Weight Basics

When planning a roofing project, it’s important for you to understand the weight of shingles as it affects transportation and installation. Different types and quantities can significantly vary in weight.

Types of Shingles

There are mainly two types of shingles that you’ll come across: 3-tab shingles and architectural shingles. The former is more traditional and lightweight, while the latter tends to provide better durability and a more dimensional look.
  • 3-Tab Shingles: Usually weigh between 45 and 60 pounds per bundle.
  • Architectural Shingles: These are heavier, typically weighing between 60 and 80 pounds per bundle.

Average Weight per Bundle

Depending on the brand and style, the average weight per bundle of shingles can vary:
  • 50-60 pounds: Common weight for a bundle of 3-tab shingles.
  • 60-80 pounds: Average weight for a bundle of architectural shingles.
It’s essential to note that these weights are approximations, and specific brands may fall outside these ranges. Consider this information when calculating the total weight that your roofing structure will need to support.

Factors Affecting Shingle Weight

When you select shingles for a roofing project, it’s important to consider the weight which is influenced primarily by material composition and physical dimensions.

Material Composition

The weight of a bundle of shingles is greatly affected by what they are made of. For example, asphalt shingles—a common choice for residential roofing—typically range between 60 and 80 pounds per bundle. Alternatively, heavier materials like slate may increase the weight significantly, reflecting the dense and durable nature of the stone.

Shingle Size and Thickness

The dimensions of shingles also play a critical role in determining weight. Not only does the overall size of the shingle matter, but so does its thickness. Architectural shingles are thicker and thus weigh more—often exceeding 80 pounds per bundle. In contrast, the standard 3-tab shingles are thinner, and a bundle is likely to weigh between 50 and 60 pounds.

Packaging and Transportation

Weight of Shingles When considering the weight of a bundle of shingles, packaging and transportation are crucial factors that you must take into account to ensure safe and effective delivery to the job site.

Bundle Packaging Details

Shingle bundles are designed to be manageable both in weight and size. A typical bundle of 3-tab shingles weighs between 45 and 60 pounds, and architectural shingles are heavier, often coming in at 60-80 pounds per bundle. For larger scale projects, shingles are often packaged onto pallets, each containing roughly 42 bundles of 3-tab shingles or 33 bundles of architectural shingles. Understanding the specifics of shingle packaging is vital for assessing transportation needs and estimating cost.

Handling and Shipping Considerations

Due to the weight of shingle bundles, proper equipment and techniques are essential for handling and shipping. You must ensure your vehicle and lifting equipment can handle the load; for example, a full size pickup truck can generally transport one or two pallets of shingles. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for lifting and loading to avoid injury or damage to the product. When shipping over long distances, the weight of shingles impacts fuel consumption and shipping costs, making efficient packaging a key concern. It’s not just about getting the shingles to the site; it’s about doing so cost-effectively and safely.

Amount of Squares of Shingles that Fit in a Dumpster Rental

When you’re planning a roofing project, knowing the capacity of each dumpster size for shingle disposal is crucial. Different shingles weigh and accumulate differently, affecting how many squares you can dispose of per dumpster.

10-Yard Dumpster

For a 10-yard roll off dumpster rental, you can fit approximately 20 squares of asphalt three-tab shingles. When it comes to heavier architectural asphalt shingles, this size can hold around 15 squares. If you’re disposing of slate shingles, which are generally heavier, expect to fit about 10 squares.

15-Yard Dumpster

With a 15-yard dumpster rental, the capacity increases. You can dispose of around 30 squares of asphalt three-tab shingles. For architectural asphalt shingles, the number decreases to roughly 22 squares. For slate shingles, you would be able to fit close to 15 squares within this dumpster size.

20-Yard Dumpster

A 20-yard roll off dumpster rental is a common choice for larger roofing jobs. This size can accommodate about 40 squares of asphalt three-tab shingles. For the architectural asphalt shingles, you’ll be looking at approximately 30 squares. And for slate shingles, a 20-yard dumpster can handle around 20 squares.

Frequently Asked Questions

When dealing with roofing materials, knowing the weight of your shingles is essential for both logistics and structural considerations. This section aims to clarify the common queries regarding the weight of various shingle types.

How much will a square of shingles weigh?

A square of shingles, which covers 100 square feet, typically ranges from 150-240 pounds, depending on the material and the type of shingle.

What is the weight range for a standard bundle of asphalt shingles?

The weight of a standard bundle of asphalt shingles can vary, usually falling between 50-80 pounds.

What is the estimated weight of a bundle of 3-tab shingles?

A bundle of 3-tab shingles is estimated to weigh between 45 and 60 pounds.

Can you calculate the weight of a shingle bundle based on the type and brand, such as GAF or Owens Corning?

Yes, the weight of a shingle bundle can be calculated based on the type and brand. Manufacturers like GAF or Owens Corning list the specific weights of their products, which you can use to determine the overall weight.

How many shingles are typically included in a single bundle?

The number of shingles in a bundle varies by size and type, but typically there are enough shingles to cover 33.3 square feet, which is one third of a square.

What is the weight of a bundle of specialty shingles, such as wood or Timberline?

Specialty shingles like wood or Timberline architectural shingles often weigh more, with Timberline bundles ranging from 60 to 80 pounds.

How can I toss out old shingles?

You can dispose of old shingles by renting a dumpster suited for heavy materials; dumpsters are typically measured in yardage and rented from local waste management services. It’s important to be mindful of roll-off dumpster weight limits when ordering.


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