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February 18, 2023

Dumpster Rental 101: How to Choose the Right Size for Your Project

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When you’re ready to rent a dumpster, learning at a dumpster rental 101 level is important. You need to know the basics before you step into a roll-off dumpster rental. Whether you need a dumpster rental in Tampa, a roll-off dumpster in Dallas, or you need a roll-off container in another location, you want to know the dumpster rental 101 basics first. One of the most basic parts of renting a dumpster, no matter where you are located, is the size. In fact, for most people, this is where they start. Choosing the right dumpster rental size is dumpster rental 101. If you don’t get the size right, it can cause many other issues. Before you decide to get an online dumpster rental quote, you should go through these basics. Let’s look closer at how to choose the right dumpster rental size and what type of options you have.

Why is Size So Important When Renting a Dumpster?

The right-size dumpster rental will hold all your trash and waste materials without going over the weight limit or the top lip of the dumpster. When you don’t have the right dumpster rental size, it causes issues. Going too large when you rent a dumpster means you will end up with more room than you need. This often means you could have spent less money to rent a smaller dumpster. While this isn’t a huge issue, the right roll-off rental size will allow you to pay the proper price and not pay too much. If you go too small with your dumpster rental, you will have waste materials left over. This means you either have to haul away things on your own or you will need to rent a second dumpster to get rid of everything. You will either pay more money or lose the convenience that comes with a dumpster rental. Getting the right size dumpster rental also goes further than just getting a container that will hold your trash. If you need to dispose of heavier materials, such as dirt, roofing shingles, or concrete, you will need a smaller dumpster rental due to weight limits for transportation. Sometimes, projects start with a small concrete dumpster rental, such as a 10-yard dumpster or 15-yard dumpster. Then, the project will require a large dumpster rental, once the heavy concrete has been hauled away. It’s also common to choose a smaller dumpster if you need a dumpster for roofing materials or for dirt.

Which Dumpster Rental Sizes are Available?

Commonly, each dumpster rental company will carry the same size dumpsters. Some may not have the largest dumpster size and others may offer a very small dumpster, but typically, the following sizes are available: Each of these dumpster rental sizes fits different projects. In some locations, the largest size might be the 30-yard dumpster, due to local restrictions. However, most dumpster rental companies will carry these sizes, even if they only offer two or three of them. At Waste Removal USA, we offer all five sizes where the restrictions allow us to. Each dumpster rental fits different types of projects. It’s important to match the right roll-off rental size for your specific project.

How Does Each Roll-Off Rental Size Match with Specific Projects?

There are many projects that you can use a small or large dumpster rental for. It’s important to know how to properly match the dumpster size to your project, which is a big part of the dumpster rental 101 basics. When you first want to match your project to the right dumpster rental size, you want to use online dumpster weight calculators. This will help you better estimate the weight of the materials you need to toss out. Let’s look at each type of dumpster rental, along with some of the projects as we figure out how to match the right roll-off rental size to your project.

Residential Dumpster Rentals

A rather broad category, residential dumpster rentals fit with many different projects. Any size dumpster rental can be used for residential projects. Often referred to as home dumpster rentals or driveway dumpsters, these dumpsters are used for decluttering, home renovations, tree removal, moving, landscaping, and many other projects on your residential project. Each type of residential project might require a specific dumpster rental size. For example, if you need to declutter, you might use a 10-yard dumpster for a smaller home, but need a 20-yard dumpster for a larger home decluttering project. The size of the project will determine the size dumpster rental you need. Home remodeling demolition is a very common reason why homeowners and landlords rent dumpsters. If you plan to take on the demolition for your home remodeling project, you could need a 10-yard dumpster or a 40-yard dumpster, depending on the size of the actual project. While any size roll-off rental will likely work for a residential project, it’s most common to use a smaller dumpster as a home dumpster rental. The 10-yard, 15-yard, and 20-yard dumpsters are most commonly used for residential clean-up projects.

Commercial Dumpster Rentals

While any size dumpster rental can also be used as a commercial dumpster rental, most job sites will use a 30-yard or 40-yard dumpster. This is rather common because of the size of the projects that are found on commercial job sites. However, there might be materials you need for smaller dumpsters throughout the project. Larger dumpsters are often used on construction job sites and they are often swapped many different times. You might need a large dumpster rental that gets swapped out a dozen times if you’re taking on a large office renovation or new condominium building project. Just like with residential dumpsters, the size of your project will determine the size of the commercial dumpster rental you need. It will also determine if you will need to have your dumpster swapped out, as you might need to get rid of junk over a course of weeks or months during the project.

Concrete Dumpster Rentals

When it’s time to dispose of concrete, you will need a very specific roll-off rental size. You cannot use a large dumpster rental for this type of material. Typically, you will use a 10-yard, 15-yard, or 20-yard dumpster for disposing of your concrete. These sizes also work for other heavy materials including dirt, pavers, brick, and roofing shingles. The weight limit is the biggest issue with concrete dumpster rentals. Only so much concrete can be transported at one time, so you have to be careful how high you fill your concrete dumpster. A 10-yard dumpster might be able to be filled to the top lip, but any other size will likely only be able to be filled halfway. If you plan to replace your driveway or sidewalk, you will want a concrete dumpster rental. Pulling up a paver patio, demolishing a brick home or building, and any other project requiring you to toss out concrete, pavers, and bricks will require this type of dumpster. This means you will get a smaller dumpster rental for your project.

Yard Waste Dumpster Rentals

Typically, a dumpster for yard waste is also a smaller dumpster rental size. Most of the time, you will have enough space in a 10-yard, 15-yard, or 20-yard dumpster for all your yard waste materials. However, there are some projects that might require a larger dumpster. For example, if you plan to cut down and dispose of trees, you might need a 30-yard dumpster. The thicker sidewalls can handle the weight of the trees better and you will have more room. If you’re just clearing bushes or cleaning up after severe weather, a small dumpster rental will likely be the right option.

Roofing Dumpster Rentals

Usually, roofing projects happen fast. A crew shows up, pulls off the old materials, and installs the new materials, sometimes in just one day or a few hours. It depends on the size of the roof and the size of the crew. The common amount of waste from this type of project will fall between 2 and 3 tons. You won’t use a large dumpster rental due to the weight of the shingles. Typically, a smaller dumpster rental will work great for this type of project. Dumpsters for roofing don’t have to be large and, often, they cannot be large. With the weight constraints, you will likely use up to a 20-yard dumpster for a roofing project and no larger. When you need to get the dumpster rental 101 basics correct, you want to make sure you focus on the right roll-off rental for your needs. With the right dumpster rental size, you can clean up without the worry of running out of space or overpaying. If it’s time to get a dumpster rental in Charlotte, a roll-off rental in Phoenix, or a roll-off dumpster in any other location, Waste Removal USA is ready to help you. Start with a free dumpster quote today or call us for further assistance!


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