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January 2, 2022

Avoid Roll Off Dumpster Damage

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How to Avoid Property Damage When Renting a Dumpster

  When you rent a dumpster, you will usually be asked to put down a deposit in the case of roll off dumpster damage. When you return the dumpster without damages, you should get your money back. What you may not think about is what you should do in order to avoid property damages, which could happen when you rent a dumpster for spring cleaning, home renovations and so on.   We have some ideas for you.  

Clear Space to Avoid Roll Off Dumpster Damage

  If you plan on putting the rental dumpster in your driveway, then make sure you have your vehicles out of the way before the dumpster is delivered. In order to make sure the vehicles don’t get damaged while transferring junk from your home/yard into the dumpster, make sure you park your vehicles away from it.   If you don’t have a driveway to put the dumpster, then you may want to clear some space in your front yard so that the dumpster can be placed there. Take note that a driveway may not be the best place to set a dumpster because the dumpster is going to be heavier once it is full. In order to avoid damaging your property, you may be able to park the dumpster on the street in front of your house just make sure you have the proper permits.  

Be Cautious of Hazardous Materials

  When you rent a dumpster, you can put almost anything in it, but you cannot put hazardous materials. Batteries, tires, chemicals, asbestos, pesticides, propane tanks, paint, and other hazardous materials can create the potential for liquids to be mixed in the rental dumpster, and this isn’t a good thing.  

Loading Your Dumpster

  Roll-off dumpsters are pretty cool as they make for walk-in loading, however, once it starts to fill up, you need to make sure the dumpster door is closed and secured. As you’re loading the dumpster, make sure the level of junk in the bin doesn’t go past the top rim so that the loading process can be easy.

Place Plywood Under the Dumpster

  There are some dumpster rental companies out there who will provide boards for you, but not all of them, so ask beforehand. By placing plywood under the wheels or steel feet of the dumpster, this will ensure that there is a cushion between the driveway and dumpster, and this will prevent the driveway from getting cracks and scratches.    

Final Words on Roll Off Dumpster Damage

  When renting a dumpster, the main reason is to clear your home of garbage and debris, and you want to do this without damaging your driveway or lawn. By placing plywood under the dumpster, not putting hazardous materials in the dumpster, properly loading it, and making sure it has a safe spot, you can prevent damage to your property.   Most dumpster rental companies have their own advice to help you avoid damage to your property, so take these above tips and combine them with their tips and you should be on the safe side.