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May 28, 2024

What Furniture Stores Will Remove Old Furniture?

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When purchasing new furniture, the question of what to do with the old pieces can be a challenge. Many furniture stores offer removal services for your old furniture, simplifying the process of upgrading your home’s interior. Identifying which stores provide these services and understanding their terms and conditions, such as whether removal is included with a purchase or if additional fees apply, will be crucial in planning your furniture refresh. Sometimes, a store’s furniture removal offer may be limited to specific items or have a one-for-one policy, meaning they take an old item for each new piece purchased. If the furniture store you are planning to purchase from does not offer removal, or if their conditions don’t meet your needs, consider other disposal methods. Alternative options include hiring a local junk removal company, selling or donating your furniture, or using a dumpster rental from Waste Removal USA to handle your old furniture.

Key Takeaways

  • Many furniture stores offer removal services, which may come with conditions.
  • Explore alternative disposal methods like dumpster rentals if store removal isn’t an option.
  • Carefully review policies of store removal services to ensure they align with your needs.

Understanding Furniture Removal Services

Understanding Furniture Removal Services

When upgrading your furnishings, you need a reliable solution to handle your old furniture. Furniture removal services are designed to meet this need, ensuring that your unwanted items are disposed of responsibly.

What Is Furniture Removal?

Furniture removal is a service focused on the disposal of your old furniture. When you acquire new pieces, these services help you to clear out the space by taking away old furniture that you no longer need or want. The goal is to provide a hassle-free process to prevent old items from cluttering your home or office.

Types of Furniture Removal Services

  • Full-service removal: Professionals come to your location, move the furniture out of your space, and haul it away. This can often be the easiest option since it requires minimal effort on your part.
  • Curbside removal: You bring the furniture to the curb, and the service provider picks it up. This option can be less expensive but requires more work from you.
Junk removal companies sometimes partner with furniture stores to offer removal services, possibly including this as part of a delivery package when you buy new furniture. This type of furniture disposal can be very convenient, as it often takes place simultaneously with the delivery of your new items. Furniture removal can be a paid service, although some stores may offer it as a complimentary addition to your purchase of new furniture. When considering these services, it’s essential to ascertain whether they also handle responsible disposal, such as donating to charity or recycling, which are eco-friendly alternatives to dumping.

Choosing the Right Furniture Store for Removal

When deciding on a furniture store to handle your old furniture removal, it’s vital to understand their services and fees. This will ensure that the process aligns with your needs and budget.

Factors to Consider

You should first assess the availability of removal services at different furniture stores. Not all stores offer removal services, and among those that do, the extent of service can vary significantly. For instance, while Sears might provide haul away services for appliances, they may not extend this to furniture. Alternatively, stores like Ikea and Rooms To Go may have more comprehensive removal services. Also consider the convenience of the removal process and the company’s reputation for handling your items responsibly.

Store Policies

Each furniture store will have its own policy on furniture removal. Some might restrict their haul away service to items you’re replacing with an in-store purchase. Others could provide a more flexible removal service even if you aren’t buying new furniture. Be sure to read the policy details or speak to a store representative directly to understand the liability and safety measures they take when removing your old furnishings.

Fees and Charges

Virtually all stores will charge fees for furniture removal. Some might include these fees within the delivery charges, whereas others will itemize them separately. Confirm whether the removal fee is a flat rate or varies based on the items you need to be hauled away. For example, Sears might charge differently for taking an old sofa as compared to a complete bedroom set. Being aware of these fees and charges beforehand will help you budget for your new purchase and the removal of the old furniture without any surprises.

Furniture Stores Offering Removal Services

Furniture Stores Offering Removal Services When you purchase new furniture, you might wonder how to dispose of your old items. Certain retailers offer removal services, making the transition smooth and hassle-free.

Nationwide Chains

Several nationwide chains provide the convenience of removing your old furniture. For example, Bob’s Discount Furniture offers removal services for a fee, which could vary based on your location. Similarly, Slumberland Furniture and American Furniture Warehouse are known for assisting with the disposal of old pieces when you make a new purchase. Typically, these services include major appliances and furniture, providing a full range when upgrading your home.

Local Retailers

Local retailers may also offer removal services you can benefit from, but these can be more variable and dependent on the individual store’s policy. It’s advisable to inquire directly with the retailer in your community to understand the specifics of their removal services. Some might perform these services for free as part of a delivery package, while others may charge an additional fee. When purchasing new furniture, always ask the retailer about their removal policies, as these services can save you significant time and effort. This consideration can be particularly important when dealing with heavy items like major appliances, which require more than just a simple pickup.

Eco-Friendly Furniture Disposal Methods

When it’s time to part with your old furniture, consider options that benefit the environment. Reducing waste in landfills can be accomplished through recycling and donating your items to charities that welcome furniture.

Recycling Options

Your furniture could have a new life thanks to recycling programs. Many materials in your pieces, such as wood, metal, and textiles, can be reclaimed and transformed into new products. Before taking your furniture to a recycling center, check local regulations to confirm what materials are accepted. Some furniture stores might help remove old furniture.

Donation and Charity

Consider donation to extend the useful life of furniture. Organizations like Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity often accept furniture donations and provide a second chance for your items within the community. When you donate, you not only prevent usable furniture from ending up in a landfill, but you also support charitable causes. Ensure the items are in good condition to increase their likelihood of acceptance.

The Role of Junk Removal Companies

When considering the disposal of old furniture, you might explore the offerings of various junk removal companies. These services specialize in the efficient and responsible removal of unwanted items from your premises.

Services Provided

Junk removal companies offer a range of services to facilitate the clearance of your old furniture. This includes:
  • Assessment: Providing an on-site estimate of the cost for removing your items, often free.
  • Removal: Professional teams arrive, ready to remove your furniture quickly and without hassle.
  • Disposal: The items are then disposed of responsibly, with efforts made to recycle or donate when possible.
  • Cleanup: After removal, many providers will also ensure the space is left clean.
Some companies, like Junk King, go as far as ensuring that if your item can be reused, it is transferred to a local donation center.

How to Choose a Company

When selecting a professional junk removal service, consider the following:
  1. Reputation: Look for companies with positive reviews and a strong community presence.
  2. Environmental Practices: Sustainable methods, like recycling and donating, are key.
  3. Pricing Structure: Transparent pricing, without hidden fees, is important for your trust.
  4. Service Scope: Ensure they handle the specific items you need removed.
Local junk removal services may offer more personalized attention and quicker scheduling. Large scale operations, in contrast, might provide more comprehensive service options. Companies offer upfront pricing and claim a lower cost than the traditional service, which could be a distinctive factor when making your choice.

Preparing for Furniture Removal

Preparing for Furniture Removal When you’re ready to clear out old furniture pieces, the proper steps can save you time and hassle. Your focus should be on coordinating with haul-away services and ensuring your items are ready for pickup.

Scheduling a Pick-Up

To begin, you’ll need to book an appointment with a furniture store that offers removal services. Check their availability against your schedule to pick a suitable pickup date. Often, these services can include real-time notifications and GPS tracking for convenience. These features allow you to stay updated on the arrival time of the haul-away crew, sparing you from long waiting periods. Some companies may even offer white label pre-calling to confirm the appointment and details.

Item Preparation

Before the scheduled pickup, you’ll need to prepare your furniture for removal. This process includes:
  • Clearing personal items: Ensure all drawers and compartments are empty.
  • Cleaning: Wipe down your furniture to avoid spreading dust.
  • Assessing access pathways: Check that there’s a clear route for removal.
Be aware of any restrictions that the haul-away service may have regarding the specific items you want to dispose of. Some may not take oversized pieces or certain materials. Make sure to confirm their policy to avoid any surprises on the day of removal.

Innovative Services and Features

When looking to replace your old furniture with new purchases, some stores offer value-added services that enhance your experience. These include one-for-one removal options and real-time service features that provide convenience and efficiency.

One-For-One Removal Options

When you buy a new mattress or furniture set, certain retailers offer a one-for-one removal service. For instance, when purchasing a new mattress set from Mattress Firm, they might also remove your old mattress, often including the box springs. This not only saves you the hassle of disposing of your old items but also promotes responsible recycling practices.
  • Mattress Firm: Offers removal of old mattresses with the purchase of new mattress sets.

Real-Time Service Features

With advancements in technology, some furniture stores provide real-time service features that keep you informed every step of the way. For example, Bob’s Discount Furniture provides Bobtastic White Glove Delivery, which not only includes delivery and setup of your new furniture but may also offer real-time tracking and scheduling options for added convenience. Transparency in delivery schedules and upfront pricing is also a key feature you should look for to avoid any hidden costs.
  • Bob’s Discount Furniture:
    • Delivery tracking
    • Upfront pricing
    • White glove service
By taking advantage of these innovative services, you ensure a seamless transition from your old furnishings to your new ones, all with minimal effort on your part.

Disposing of Specific Furniture Items

When you’re ready to upgrade your home furnishings, it’s important to know how to responsibly dispose of your old items. Many furniture stores provide services for the removal of specific types of furniture, such as mattresses, sofas, and various kinds of tables and desks.

Mattress and Box Spring

Disposing of your old mattress and box spring can be done through certain furniture retailers that offer removal services. For instance, Mattress Firm has options where they will take away your old mattress when delivering a new one, often for a fee. These services are convenient and ensure that your old bedding is disposed of in an appropriate manner.

Sofa and Couch

Sofa and couch removal is a common need for many households looking to clear space or update their living areas. Retailers like Bob’s Discount Furniture may offer removal services for your old sofas when you purchase a new set. It’s key to check if they require a fee and if they offer the service in your area.

Tables and Desks

If you have tables and desks that need to be cleared out, you’ll find that some furniture stores, including options like Slumberland Furniture, handle the removal of these items. Before you buy your new furniture, inquire whether the store can accommodate the removal of your old pieces, potentially simplifying your transition to new furniture. For more detailed guidelines on removal services and fees, you can visit the stores’ websites or contact them directly.

Additional Services for Furniture Removal

Additional Services for Furniture Removal When you’re looking to clear out old furniture, some retailers not only offer new, stylish options but also provide removal services. These may incur an additional fee, so it’s important to confirm the details beforehand.

Bulky Waste Removal

If you’ve got large items that need to go, bulky waste removal services are your solution. This typically includes items like sofas, wardrobes, and dining tables – essentially, anything too large for standard trash services. For instance, companies specialize in removing your old furniture for you. Remember that these services may carry an additional fee and it’s prudent to get a quote ahead of time to budget accordingly.

Complementary Trash Services

While not standard, some stores may offer complementary trash services for smaller items when you’re purchasing new furniture. These might cover removal of old mattresses or small appliances, integrating the cost into your purchase as a value-added service. Organizations such as the Salvation Army are also known to take furniture donations which can be a cost-effective and charitable way to dispose of your unwanted items.

Alternative Furniture Disposal Strategies

When you’re ready to part with your old furniture, you have a number of strategies at your disposal beyond waiting for a store to haul it away. By exploring the options to sell your used items or host a garage sale, you can efficiently clear out your space and maybe even make a profit.

Selling Used Furniture

Selling your used furniture, such as futons, loveseats, ottomans, or patio furniture, can be a straightforward way to recoup some of your investment. Begin by assessing the condition of each item and set a reasonable price. You can list your furniture on online marketplaces, ensuring good-quality photos and detailed descriptions are included. Furthermore, there are also apps dedicated to local buy-and-sell opportunities that can simplify the process.

Hosting Garage Sales

Hosting a garage sale is a robust strategy for selling multiple items at once. Advertise in your local community by posting signs and utilize social media to spread the word. Make sure to organize your items in a way that’s easy to browse and clearly price each piece. Patrons often look for a bargain, so be prepared to negotiate. Garage sales are especially effective for moving larger collections, like whole sets of patio furniture. Remember that when selling or hosting a garage sale, charity is also an option for the pieces that don’t sell, ensuring that your unwanted furniture helps others and stays out of the landfill.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering a new furniture purchase, it’s important to understand the services that retailers can offer regarding removal of your old items. These FAQs address the most common concerns about furniture removal connected to the delivery of new furniture.

Which retailers offer removal services for old furniture upon delivery of new items?

Many furniture retailers offer removal services for your old furniture when delivering new items. This service may come with additional fees and can vary from store to store. It’s advisable to inquire with the retailer at the time of purchase.

Do any stores include free disposal of old furniture with a purchase?

Some stores may include free disposal of old furniture as a purchasing incentive. This is less common and typically subject to terms and conditions, such as the purchase of certain items or spending a minimum amount.

What options are available for disposing of bulky items like sofas and mattresses?

For bulky items like sofas and mattresses, you have various options, including hiring a junk removal service, scheduling a pickup with a local waste management service, or seeking out donation programs that may accept larger items.

Can I expect furniture removal services as part of the delivery from major furniture retailers?

Major furniture retailers may offer removal services as part of the delivery process, often for an additional fee. It’s important to confirm the availability and cost of such services before completing your furniture purchase.

How can I arrange for furniture removal when buying new furniture in my area?

You can arrange for furniture removal by directly contacting local retailers and asking if they provide such services with delivery. Alternatively, consider reaching out to furniture removal specialists in your area.

What are some environmentally friendly ways to dispose of my old furniture?

Environmentally friendly disposal options include donating to local charities, selling or giving it away online to extend its life, or looking for recycling programs that can dismantle and recycle parts of the furniture responsibly.


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