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December 30, 2021

How to Handle Different Types of Waste

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How to Handle Different Types of Waste

Businesses and individuals alike always have waste materials to deal with. Waste may differ from individual to individual as well as from company to company. Since the term ‘waste’ may mean different things to different people, as a result, it is pertinent to define what waste means. So, what is waste? Waste is anything that no longer has value or purpose. Any material or substance categorized as having no use or value falls into this category irrespective of how beautiful or ugly they look. It is to be noted that waste may be poisonous and hazardous to both individuals and the environment. This necessitates the need to take proper care of waste materials. Besides, it is essential to know the type of waste you will be dealing with so that when you want to rent a temporary dumpster or engages in the service of roll-off rentals, you will understand why and which kind of dumpster service to go for.

Types of waste

Generally, waste may be categorized into domestic waste and industrial waste. By domestic waste, we mean non-useful remnants of home-used goods and services, while domestic waste is useless and toxic remnants of the factory’s raw materials. Beyond this division of waste, there are other classifications of waste. These include;

Liquid Waste

Any waste material that falls into the category of oil, grease, or water, such as wash water. Liquid wastes are hazardous to health when left unattended over some time. This can even help to breed diseases in the location in which it is found.

Solid Waste

Any other waste item that is visible and handy comes into this category of waste. You see them everywhere, and examples include paper, plastic, metals, foam, cloth, etc.

Recyclable Waste

These are waste items that can be recycled and used to produce other goods or the same used product. Metal and plastic are good examples of recyclable waste.

Radioactive Waste

These waste products are radioactive and may transmit radioactive materials, which are very bad for people nearby. This is of high health concern to people within the vicinity of where the waste is located.

Organic Waste

These are food waste, usually rotten food. They originate from homes and may become manure after the activities of microorganisms on them. This may be unfinished food that is not well disposed of.

Sanitary Waste

These are waste products that originate from health materials used in hospitals and clinics. These items must be well disposed of to avoid causing a disease breakout or easy transmission of diseases.

Hazardous Waste

These waste items are dangerous to people’s health and the environment. They include toxic items, flammable materials, reactive materials, etc. Professionals must handle such waste to avoid damaging effects.

Professional dumpster service

While the classification of waste may come in different types, one thing is sure; you do need to clear them off your vicinity to avoid diseases and to make the environment healthy enough to work or live in. This is where the dumpster service comes in. We offer quality dumpster service irrespective of the type of waste you want to clear and for how long. Check out our premium and pocket-friendly commercial and residential dumpster rentals.


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