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January 2, 2022

Tree Debris Removal in Atlanta, GA

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Tree Debris Removal in Atlanta, GA

When you need tree debris removal in Atlanta, you need to know where to take it. Most natural debris should be disposed of separately from the regular trash you put out on the curb. Let’s look at some of the options you have when it comes to getting rid of tree debris in Atlanta, GA.

Top 5 Options for Deposing Tree Debris in Atlanta, GA

1. Renting a Dumpster

One of the fastest and easiest ways to dispose of tree debris in Atlanta is to rent a roll-off dumpster. When you rent a temporary dumpster in Atlanta, you can simply load it up with your tree debris and other yard waste. Then, it will be hauled away for you. If you have a large project you need to tackle and you know there will be plenty of tree debris and other items to toss out, renting a dumpster in Atlanta makes sense. Even smaller projects become easier with the right dumpster rental for tree debris disposal.

2. DeKalb County Special Collection

For those living in DeKalb County, you can use the special yard waste collection, if you don’t have too much tree debris and yard waste to get rid of. You have to put the items in approved 20-to-40-gallon receptacles. If you put yard waste or tree debris in plastic bags, it won’t be collected. Instead, you will need to use biodegradable paper bags. You can find out more about the restrictions for this special collection by visiting the DeKalb County website here.

3. Henry County Recycling Center

You must be a resident of Henry County to use the Henry County Recycling Center. They will accept all kinds of items including yard debris and some tree debris. They do not take yard debris or tree debris from commercial contractors or landscapers, however. Using the recycling center does come with a fee, depending on the size of the vehicle transporting your debris. Make sure to check the Henry County Recycling Center website for more information.

4. Office of Solid Waste Services in Atlanta, GA

While the Office of Solid Waste Services in Atlanta won’t pick up heavy tree debris, if you just have yard trimmings and smaller materials, they do pick it up every other week. They can also handle backyard collections for residents aged 70 or older. This Atlanta office also allows for yard trimmings to be dropped off at the location on James Jackson Parkway. You can make an appointment for bulk collections, as well. Visit the Office of Solid Waste Services’ website here for more information.

5. 81 Inert Recycling

Another option found in Loganville, GA is 81 Inert Recycling. It’s found about 20 miles from Atlanta and they will take all types of tree debris if you need to get rid of it. This recycling facility will take any type of tree debris and haul it away for you. There are many ways to dispose of tree debris in Atlanta. If you want to do it yourself and save money by not hiring a service, renting a residential dumpster for tree debris is a good option. It will give you more time to handle the project and you can toss out other items at the same time.

Your Best Option for Cleaning up Tree Debris in Atlanta is a Yard Waste Dumpster Rental

When you need to get rid of tree debris and other yard waste, you can rent a roll off dumpster in Atlanta for your project. A small 10-yard dumpster or 15-yard dumpster can go a very long way when it’s time to clean up your tree debris in Atlanta, GA. We offer both sizes, along with larger sizes, if you have even more debris to get rid of. Whether you lost a tree in a storm, are taking down a dead tree, or have branches from clearing land, we can help by offering the right yard waste dumpster rental in Atlanta for your needs.


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