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April 4, 2023

The Importance of Scheduling Regular Dumpster Pickups for Your Business

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When you need to take on an ongoing junk removal project, you will want to schedule regular pickups for your business dumpster rental. This is a very important part of many different clean-up projects. Businesses can benefit from dumpster rentals, especially with regular pickups. With a commercial dumpster rental, you can dispose of as much trash as you need, keep your job site clean and safe, and improve the efficiency of your workers. As long as you have a good schedule for your dumpster pickups, your project will stay on schedule, too. Let’s look at some of the main reasons why you need to schedule regular dumpster pickups for your business.

4 Reasons to Schedule Regular Dumpster Pickups for Your Business

1. Keeps Your Project on Schedule

When you don’t schedule dumpster pickups, you have to call and wait for your dumpster rental service to haul away your dumpster and bring you a new one. With regular dumpster pickups, you can keep your project on schedule. This will help ensure you’re not delayed when trying to clean up on the job site or for any other type of project. Every single delay can cost you, even with residential projects. Schedule regular pickups for your dumpster can ensure you always have space for the trash. It can also ensure you stay on schedule with your project.

2. Remove More Trash, Faster

With the right type of dumpster pickup schedule, you can remove more trash, faster. Since you will have a full dumpster swapped for an empty one, you can keep going and get more trash off the job site in a shorter amount of time. This can be beneficial during times when your project might create more waste materials. You can always slow down the dumpster pickup schedule if your project shifts and doesn’t create as much trash.

3. Less Worker Downtime

In some cases, when the dumpster is full, workers cannot do nearly as much work. This can happen if you don’t schedule regular pickups and you might have a full dumpster sitting on the job site for days. When this happens, workers cannot do their job and it causes downtime, which can eat into your budget. It’s best to have a schedule for picking up the dumpster, even if it needs to be removed daily or every other day. This can keep your workers from wasting time and not being able to do their job.

4. Avoid Extra Fees

If you overload your dumpster rental, it can result in a trip fee. This can be a big deal if you plan to use long-term dumpster rentals that will be swapped out regularly. With scheduled dumpster pickups, you will be less likely to overload the container. There are dumpster rental restrictions you will need to follow. These include specific items, but also filling your container no higher than the top lip and not putting too much weight in the dumpster. When you decide to schedule regular pickups for your dumpster rental, you won’t have to worry about workers overloading the container and causing a trip fee.

Tips for Preparing for Dumpster Pickup

You want to make sure you know what to expect with the pickup of your dumpster. Even with regularly scheduled pickups, it’s important to use the tips below to avoid missed pickups:
  • Make sure nothing is sticking up over the top or the sides of the dumpster
  • Don’t go over the weight limit of the dumpster
  • Make sure the door to the dumpster is securely latched
  • Ensure the space around the dumpster is clear and easily accessible for pickup
  • Double-check to ensure you didn’t toss out any prohibited items in with your regular trash
As long as you have your dumpster properly prepared, it can be picked up without issue. Then, a new dumpster can be delivered to replace it and you can get back to your project.

Long-Term Waste Removal Projects to Use Dumpster Swaps

When it’s time to take on a long-term waste removal project, you will likely need to take advantage of dumpster swaps. This is the time to schedule your dumpster pickups so you can keep working. Let’s look at a few examples of when you can utilize swaps and schedule regular dumpster pickups to help keep your project moving along. Maybe you’re taking on a home renovation project that includes multiple steps. You might start with a 10-yard dumpster as you remove the concrete from the driveway. Getting a concrete dumpster rental delivered is the start of this project and once it’s full, it can be removed. If you know you can get this part of the project done in one or two days, schedule your dumpster pickup. Once the driveway is removed, you can switch to a larger dumpster, like a 20-yard dumpster for the next phase of the demolition. You can schedule a pickup for this dumpster, too, if you have a specific timeline of when it will be handled. Another common time you might need to use swaps and schedule regular dumpster rental pickups is with a commercial project. Maybe you’re taking on a condominium building project or you need to do an office renovation. These types of projects are large enough that you will likely need to swap your dumpster rental multiple times. You can set up regular dumpster pickups on a weekly schedule or even a tighter schedule, if necessary.

Get Your Dumpster Rental with Regular Pickups from Waste Removal USA

When it’s time to rent a dumpster for your project, you want to make sure you know what your pickup schedule will be. With Waste Removal USA, we work with you to make sure you have plenty of time and we also ensure you get the pick-up schedule you need for your project. Get an online dumpster rental quote today or call us for assistance.


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