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January 2, 2022

Tenant Clean Up: Dumpster Rental for Landlords

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Tenant Clean Up: Dumpster Rental for Landlords

If you’re a landlord looking for a quick and cost-effective way to tackle tenant cleanup, then you should consider a temporary dumpster rental. It’s common for tenants to leave trash behind including larger items, such as old furniture. You might need an easy way to toss out all the trash as you get your property ready for the next tenant. Dumpster rentals can offer a great option for landlords in between tenants. Not only can you toss out the trash, but you can also deal with home renovations and repairs that cause even more junk that needs to be tossed out. Trying to show a rental property with massive bags of trash, old furniture, and other junk out at the curb isn’t going to help you get a good tenant. It will make your property look unappealing. Landlords, instead, should rent a dumpster from Waste Removal USA and clean up the property properly.

5 Tips for Cleaning Your Property Between Tenants

1. Get the Tenant to Help, First

If possible, you want to start by providing a detailed checklist whenever you put new tenants into a property. This checklist is for when they move out. It can include items they can clean and take care of. You should also spell out in the lease how much cleaning you expect from your tenant. This can help make a final walkthrough easier and help you flip your property faster with a new tenant. However, not all tenants move out at the end of a lease and some will ignore the checklist completely. In a perfect world, they will take care of the things on the checklist, but you have to be prepared, as a landlord, for the times when this isn’t the case.

2. Rent a Dumpster for Tenant Clean Up

You might think you only need to rent a dumpster when tossing out old furniture, old appliance, and other large junk items. Yes, it can certainly help with these items, but even common trash can pile up fast. When you go into a rental property to clean it out, you might find several unexpected things. It might be easy to spot some of the larger items, but as you clean, you might discover all types of trash you weren’t aware of. When you rent a dumpster first, you will have an easy place to toss out your trash. It becomes a helpful tool whenever you clean up your rental properties.

3. Plan Renovations/Repairs Immediately

If you already have a dumpster rental on the property, you want contractors handling renovations and repairs at the same time. You don’t want to get charged by a contractor because they had to bring in a dumpster rental, too. Instead, plan to have all work done while you have your dumpster rental. This will help save you cash and make the jobs move faster, in some cases, too.

4. Hire Professional Cleaners for Your Tenant Clean Up Project

While you might take care of the larger items that need to be tossed out yourself, you can hire professionals to do the dirty work and make your property sparkle. It might cost more than doing the work yourself, but you’ll gain back the time and you won’t have to buy the supplies, either. Plus, professional cleaners know how to get out stains and handle all the areas of your home. It’s a good idea to hire professional cleaners last. Get all repairs and renovations done first, along with a fresh coat of paint. Then, have your cleaners come in. Once they are done, you can take your pictures for your listing and get your rental property back on the market.

5. Get the Property Inspected

Another thing you might want to do when it comes to getting a property ready for new tenants is to get a property inspection done. This can make it easier to spot things that need to be repaired before you have an irritated tenant telling you the air conditioning isn’t working or the heat went out. In the long run, a property inspection can save you money as you can address things without it becoming an emergency situation. Most contractors charge more if you call after hours or if you need the work done quickly due to an emergency. Catching maintenance and repair issues early can help keep your costs down. These tips, along with the right dumpster rental for a landlord can go a long way to getting a rental property ready for the next tenants. If you’re dealing with tenants that were evicted or left without finishing their lease, expect the job to be bigger and include larger items than if they completed the cleaning checklist and moved out after their lease term was up.


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