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January 2, 2022

Renting a Dumpster for Your Spring Landscaping Project

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Renting a Dumpster for Your Spring Landscaping Project

You might be preparing for a spring landscaping project and you’re wondering if you should rent a dumpster. Dumpster rentals work great for landscaping projects because you can put all types of yard waste in a dumpster rental. When spring arrives and you’re ready to get out into your yard, it’s necessary to plan your landscaping projects. Maybe you want to plant flowers, create a garden, or even put in some water features. This can lead to plenty of trash, as you trim bushes, trim trees, remove dirt, take out stones, and handle other tasks.

Which landscaping projects are dumpster rentals great for?

The short answer to this question is any type of landscape project is a good time to rent a residential dumpster. When you plan to put in a patio, do some planting, or do anything else in your yard, rent a dumpster if it will cause a lot of trash you have to dispose of. Even if you’re just planning to take out a tree, you might need a dumpster rental for your project. Since you can put all kinds of yard waste, along with cement, household trash, and other items into your dumpster rental, it’s a great tool for all types of landscaping projects.

Place Your Dumpster Rental Smartly

Typically, a dumpster rental will be delivered and put in your driveway. However, it might be possible to have it placed in a specific area of your driveway or another spot if it makes sense. Maybe you will be trimming trees or handling projects on one side of your driveway or another. Consider this when thinking about where to play your dumpster when handling landscaping work. It’s also important to speak to your HOA or even the city if you might need to use the street for your dumpster. They may require a permit for your dumpster rental.

When Should You Rent a Dumpster for Spring Landscaping Projects?

The timing of your dumpster rental for landscaping projects will also make a difference. With Waste Removal USA, we give you 14 days to complete your project when you rent a dumpster from us. If you know you can get the project done in that amount of time, rent your dumpster when you start your project. This will give you a central spot to toss all the trash as you go through the project. However, if you need more than two weeks to finish your landscaping project, you might want to start by creating a trash staging area and rent a dumpster when you get closer to the end of your project. Depending on what you’re tossing out, you can pile it in one area of your yard or driveway until you’re closer to finished. Once you rent your dumpster, you can toss it all into the dumpster easily and get rid of the trash. The timing is up to you and your project. Just think through it and consider what’s best for your spring landscaping project. Residential dumpster rentals work great for landscaping projects. Getting the right tools can make landscaping easier, especially with larger projects.