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January 2, 2022

Residential Roll Off Dumpster Rental | Choosing the Right Size

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Residential Roll-Off Dumpster Rental | Choosing the Right Size

A common question we hear from people getting a residential roll-off dumpster rental for the first time is whether or not it will fit in the driveway. You want to make sure you get the right size residential dumpster rental for your project and you also want to make sure it fits in your driveway. It’s not hard to figure out if a dumpster rental will fit in your driveway. We offer five different size dumpsters and you can easily use a tape measure to figure out which ones will fit in your driveway.

Residential Roll Off Dumpster Rental Sizes

We provide the following dumpster sizes:
  • 10-Yard – This dumpster size measures 7.5 feet in width and 14 feet long. If your driveway is at least this large, it will fit in your driveway. In fact, if you can get a four-door car into your driveway, you will likely be able to fit our 10-yard dumpster rental into your driveway.
  • 15-Yard – Our 15-yard dumpster is a little bit larger in length. It’s still 7.5 feet wide, but this dumpster is 16 feet long. If you can fit a normal pickup truck into your driveway, this size dumpster will likely fit into your driveway.
  • 20-Yard – Our 20-yard dumpster size is still 7.5 feet wide, but it’s 20 feet long. This dumpster will fit in your drive if you can get an extended cab truck into your driveway.
  • 30-Yard – This dumpster is still 7.5 feet wide, but it comes in at 22 feet long. It will likely fit in any driveway that can accommodate an extended cab truck.
  • 40-Yard – As long as you can handle the height of this dumpster, it will fit in your driveway just as a 30-yard or 20-yard will. It’s the same length and width as the 30-yard, but it’s taller at 7.5 feet tall.
Most dumpster rentals will fit in most standard driveways. It’s possible larger dumpsters may not fit in every single driveway and if you have a basketball goal or any type of overhang, make sure you can handle the height of the larger dumpsters. Your driveway can easily be done with wooden boards placed under the dumpster to ensure the weight is properly dispersed. It will also keep the roll-off dumpster rental from scratching or touching the driveway. While you may not need to measure your driveway, it can help ease your mind if you’re worried one of our dumpster rentals won’t fit. Of course, you can always call us and we can help you over the phone, as well.


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debbie Craton
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adorna hayward
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Always answers. Very responsive and follows the guidelines we have requested about where our receptacle sits.
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Tiger Fuller
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Jay Gehring
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