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January 2, 2022

Minimalist Living at Home

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Enjoy the Benefits of Minimalist Living at Home

  If you have ever had to put everything you own into boxes, how many boxes will you require and how long would it take you? Statistics have shown that one in four people living in the United States is dealing with a clutter problem. We have so many items sitting in our homes – items that we really don’t need because we never use them. With those thoughts in mind, it doesn’t surprise us one bit that one of the most popular trends in home décor isn’t just a design style, but a lifestyle change. Today, we would like to introduce you to a growing movement that is referred to as minimalism, or minimalist living.  

What is Minimalist Living?

  This involves a philosophy of living with less. It involves removing everything that distracts us from the things we value the most in our homes. Minimalism is something that you can apply to many areas of your life, including relationships, schedules, and so much more. However, the central part is often your home.   Many are under the impression that a minimalist home is fully white, has bare walls, and has open space, but honestly, everyone practices minimalism in a different manner. A minimalist home is intentional – each possession the individual owns has a purpose for being there. For those of you who would like to start living your life as a minimalist, this will typically start off by decluttering, organizing, and minimizing everything in your home.  

Rent a Temporary Dumpster

  The first tip starts off with you renting a temporary dumpster because let’s face it, you’re probably going to be throwing a lot of stuff away. Just take note that when you rent a temporary dumpster, you can’t throw any hazardous material in it.   This dumpster can be used for furniture, clothing, old documents, and household garbage. You can rent a roll-off dumpster or whatever you like, just shop around before you make your rental, because prices and sizes are going to vary from company to company.  

Try to Put Focus Towards One Room at a Time

  When it comes to minimizing your home, one of the most difficult parts is knowing where to begin. Understand that it is going to be overwhelming for you to try to tackle an entire home all at one time, and this is why we recommend focusing on one room at a time. Direct your energy towards the easiest room first and move from there. Decluttering isn’t an easy process, and it can take some time, but in the end, you will see just how worth it is.  

Take Care of Those Visible Areas First

  Once you have decided which room you will be focusing on, it’s time to begin. You will want to take care of those visible areas first. This includes things like furniture, shelves, stuff on the floor, and all that fun (or not-so-fun) stuff.  Once you have taken care of those visible areas, you can move on to those hidden areas in your room, like organizing the closet, drawers, and cabinets.   This way, as you move forward, you’ll see the progress you’re doing and it can be encouraging.  

Final Word on Minimalist Living

Minimalistic living can be extremely comfortable, and a lot of fun. The process to get to minimalistic living, however, isn’t so fun and this is why we recommend renting a temporary dumpster. Sometimes, it’s just better to toss everything in the dumpster and start over.        


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