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April 28, 2024

Luxury Landscaping Survey

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Ranking Luxury Landscapes Across the U.S. (survey):

Across the U.S., homeowners take immense pride in their front yards, which serve as a reflection of their community’s character and values. From coast to coast, these outdoor spaces showcase a diverse array of regional flora, landscape design trends, and architectural styles. The attention to detail and care invested in these front yards not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of individual homes but also contributes to the overall beauty and charm of the neighborhoods they belong to. Waste Removal USA commissioned a survey of 3,000 real estate professionals in order to unveil the neighborhoods and towns which host the nation’s 130 most stunning residential front yards – an ode to America’s green-thumbed heart. The top 10 were as follows:

Survey Insights:

We commissioned a survey of 3,000 real estate professionals in order to unveil the neighborhoods and towns which host the nation's 130 most stunning residential front yards. Some of our insights are below:
  • Regional Diversity: The survey showcases the wide variety of landscaping styles across the U.S., from tropical gardens in Honolulu, Hawaii, to rustic, conservation-friendly designs in Bar Harbor, Maine. This highlights the influence of regional flora and climate on landscaping choices.
  • Community Pride and Local Values: The results emphasize the pride homeowners take in their outdoor spaces, which are seen as a reflection of community spirit and local values. Clean, clutter-free and well-maintained yards contribute significantly to neighborhood appeal and residents’ quality of life.
  • Historical and Architectural Harmony: Many of the top neighborhoods blend their landscaping with historical and architectural elements. For example, Coral Gables, Florida, features Mediterranean-style homes with gardens that complement their architectural heritage.
  • Sustainability Practices: The survey notes a trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly gardening practices, particularly in areas close to natural landmarks, such as Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine, indicating a growing environmental consciousness among homeowners.
  • Economic Impact: Beautifully landscaped front yards enhance curb appeal, potentially increasing property values. Real estate professionals agree that exceptional front yard landscaping is a significant factor in home valuation and marketability.


Respondents are carefully chosen from a geographically representative online panel of double opt-in members. This selection is further tailored to meet the precise criteria required for each unique survey. Throughout the survey, we design questions to carefully screen and authenticate respondents, guaranteeing the alignment of the survey with the ideal participants. To ensure the integrity of our data collection, we employ an array of data quality methods. Alongside conventional measures like digital fingerprinting, bot checks, geo-verification, and speeding detection, etc. each response undergoes a thorough review by a dedicated team member to ensure quality and contextual accuracy. Our commitment extends to open-ended responses, subjecting them to scrutiny for gibberish answers and plagiarism detection.  

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