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January 2, 2022

Downsizing Your Home in Chamblee Before Moving

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Downsizing Your Home in Chamblee Before Moving

When you need to move in or to Chamblee, GA, you might want to downsize first. A long-distance move can be expensive and if you’re moving over 100 miles, it can get expensive if you have a ton of stuff. Downsizing your home in Chamblee before moving can help you save money on your move. Maybe you’re going from a larger home to a smaller home. If it’s time to retire or you just need to move into a smaller space, downsizing will happen one way or another. It’s best to handle it yourself and take your time getting rid of the things you don’t want before you move. Whether you’re moving from Chamblee to another state or just to a smaller space, downsizing is necessary. Here are some tips to help make downsizing your home in Chamblee much easier.

Top 11 Downsizing Tips to Use Before Moving

1. Avoid the Guilt Trip

Sometimes, you hold onto things due to guilt. It was a gift from so-and-so and that means you cannot let it go. Maybe you haven’t used the item in years and it’s just been an anchor you carry from place to place. Let go of the guilt and the items attached to you by guilt. If you don’t need or want it, let it go. This is one of the first things you should do when downsizing your home in Chamblee before moving. You might have a large number of things you hold onto due to guilt. You don’t need to hold onto them any longer. It’s time to let these items go whether you sell them, give them away, donate them, or toss them in the trash.

2. Will Things to Family Now

Do you have items you plan to pass down to family members when you leave this earth? If they are larger items, now is a great time to will these things to your family. Getting rid of larger items you plan to give to your family now means you will have less to move. If you already plan to give away a cabinet, end table, couch, or other items you own, just do it now and let it be a part of your downsizing.

3. Evaluate Your Furniture Needs

What type of furniture do you need in your new home? Maybe you’re going from a four-bedroom home to a two-bedroom condo. With less space, you might not need nearly as much furniture. It’s also possible you will want new furniture to fit the design of your new home. Consider your furniture needs and get rid of what you don’t need. Whether it’s old and needs to be tossed out or it’s in good shape and can be sold, it’s time to let it go, if you don’t need it.

4. Use Your Space Wisely

You probably have plenty of extra space in your current home, whether it’s a garage or an extra bedroom. You can use this space as a place to stage items you will sell, take with you, or donate. The trash can all go into a dumpster rental in Chamblee, but everything else can be stored in your extra space before you leave. For example, if your downsizing plan includes piles of things you will keep, donate, sell, or trash, you can use an extra bedroom to store things you will keep, the garage to store things you plan to donate, a dumpster rental for the trash, and a closet or another room for things you plan to sell. Then, you can deal with each category one at a time by getting rid of the items you plan to get rid of in the right way.

5. Inventory Everything

As you go through your things, take an inventory of everything you own. You can mark the things you plan to keep and the things you plan to get rid of. Also, you can use a question mark to mark those things you’re not sure about. Create a list of everything you have and it will be easier to sit down and think about what you want to keep and get rid of from the list. You can also revisit the items you’re not sure about and deal with things you’re ready to make a decision about first.

6. Use a Roll-Off Dumpster Rental

A temporary dumpster rental in Chamblee will give you just what you need for downsizing your home before you move. It will provide an easy spot for large and small trash and with the right dumpster rental company, you will have plenty of time to handle the junk. When you rent a residential dumpster, you can use it to get rid of old furniture, yard waste, kitchen items, clothing, and all kinds of other stuff. Pretty much everything that’s not classified as hazardous material can go into your dumpster rental.

7. Break it up into Smaller Projects

Downsizing your home in Chamblee before moving is a big job. It should be broken down into smaller projects, such as one room at a time. Taking this type of approach makes it much easier to deal with a larger project like downsizing your home. Whether you go one room at a time or split your home into sections or zones, breaking it up into smaller projects will help. This can make it easier to get through your entire home without feeling overwhelmed.

8. Start as soon as Possible

The second you find out you will be moving from a larger home to a smaller one, it’s time to start downsizing. The sooner you start, the better, as it’s a large project and will take up plenty of time. When you get to start earlier, you want to make sure you time your dumpster rental correctly. You will get about two weeks with your dumpster rental, so make sure you’re ready to toss out the largest items and the majority of your trash when you rent it.

9. Hold a Moving Sale

If you have a large number of things to sell, a moving sale is a great way to unload it fast. You can hold an in-person or an online moving sale for larger items, such as furniture, and for smaller items you want to let go of. Any high-priced items that can easily be shipped can be sold on eBay or another website, however. Other items can be sold through a moving sale that you can advertise on Facebook, Craigslist, and other websites.

10. Let Go of Old Paperwork

You might have boxes and boxes of old bank statements and tax returns. They don’t need to be kept, in most cases. Even if you have to keep some of these types of documents, you can digitize them with a scanner or by taking a picture with your phone. No longer do you need to keep boxes upon boxes of old paperwork. Instead, you can digitize what’s important and shred all your paperwork. This can help to free up a ton of space when you downsize your home in Chamblee before moving.

11. Take Your New Home’s Size into Consideration

As you downsize your home before moving, make sure you consider the size of your new home. You probably won’t have enough space to keep everything and you might even need to cut your belongings in half or less. Downsizing should be based on your new home’s size. Make sure you consider the room you will have as you don’t want to get stuck with an expensive storage unit for extra stuff. When it’s time to move from Chamblee to another state or location, you should consider downsizing your home. Even if you’re just moving locally, but you’re going from a larger home to a smaller one, you should downsize. Use these tips to help with your home downsizing in Chamblee before you move.


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