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January 2, 2022

Dispose of Concrete at Your House or Business

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How to Dispose of Concrete in Atlanta, GA

What’s the best way to dispose of concrete in Atlanta? Concrete disposal isn’t always the easiest thing. Not only is concrete very heavy, but it’s also not something you can simply put out to the curb with the regular trash. When you take on a project that includes broken-up concrete or asphalt from a driveway or another concrete structure, you need to know how to properly dispose of it. There are several options when it comes to asphalt and concrete disposal. You can handle concrete disposal in Atlanta with the following methods.

5 Ways to Dispose of Concrete in Atlanta

1. Rent a Temporary Dumpster to Dispose of Concrete

An affordable and easy way to get rid of concrete in Atlanta, renting a temporary dumpster is a great way to get rid of your concrete. When you choose this option, you will get a dumpster that can handle between three and twelve pickup truck loads of concrete and asphalt. When you schedule a roll-off dumpster rental in Atlanta, you’ll get fast delivery and the right tool for the job. It comes with plenty of benefits including an all-inclusive rate that includes the disposal of your concrete. Make sure you rent the right size dumpster for the job and understand you will be loading the concrete yourself. It’s also important to hire a professional dumpster rental company in Atlanta to handle your specific needs.

2. Recycle your Concrete

You might be able to recycle concrete in Atlanta. It’s not a difficult process, but you have to find a place willing to take your concrete for recycling. Crushed concrete can become an aggregate for new cement products and may be able to be reused. The Concrete Network provides more information about recycling concrete here.

3. Give it Away

if the concrete you have is in good shape, someone else might be interested in it. You can put it out by the curb and put a sign on it that says free to take. This can be all it takes to get someone to take your concrete away for you.

4. Use Freecycle or Craigslist

another way to dispose of concrete in Atlanta is to use Craigslist or Freecycle. These sites allow you to advertise what you have to give away or sell with pictures. You can even look in the Wanted section to see if someone is looking for concrete.

5. Dispose of Concrete Yourself by Dumping It

If you have a truck that can handle it, you can dump concrete yourself. You will need to find a landfill with a free dump day or pay a fee to dump it, but if you can haul it away yourself, this might be a good option. Of course, if you have more than just one truckload of concrete, you are better off renting a concrete dumpster in Atlanta than making multiple trips to the landfill.


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