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January 2, 2022

How to Remove Construction Waste in Urban Areas

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How to Remove Construction Waste in Urban Areas

If you’re a contractor working in big cities, such as Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, or Charlotte, learning how to dispose of construction waste in urban areas is important. You’ll likely be the one responsible for handling any debris or trash from the jobs you take on and it has to go somewhere. If you leave it behind, you’ll gain a reputation that won’t be easy to shake. When placing bids for jobs, make sure you don’t overlook the disposal of the trash. This can cut into your profits and throw your project off schedule. When working in an urban area, you might have to get creative to get rid of construction waste.

4 Tips for Disposing of Construction Waste in Urban Areas

1. Have a Plan

You might have to move the trash and debris through the window, use an elevator or take it downstairs. If this is the case, you may be best off with a staging area for the trash before you move it.

2. Use thick contractor trash bags

make sure you bag all the trash and debris in thick, sturdy contractor bags and keep each bag from getting too heavy. you and your crew may have to take these bags downstairs before they end up in your construction dumpster rental.

3. OSHA is Important

With trash removal in urban areas, you want to make sure you’re always following the guidelines from OSHA. This may include renting a trash chute and putting it in correctly.

4. Follow Dumpster Rental Guidelines

When you rent a dumpster from Waste Removal USA for construction waste, you will need to follow our guidelines and the guidelines of the city. For example, you won’t be able to put hazardous waste materials into a dumpster rental. These items have to be handled in a very specific way. The city may also require you to get a dumpster rental permit, depending on where it will be going. Make sure you always check before you rent a dumpster or you could end up with a large fine.

Where Can You Place a Dumpster in Urban Areas?

Where you’re allowed to put your temporary construction dumpster rental will depend on the area and the city. In some cases, there might not be much space for a dumpster rental and you might need to go small, but have it emptied often during the job. In other cases, you might be able to get permission to place your dumpster in a street parking space, on a section of the street, or in a parking lot. It’s possible you could rent a parking space or a few parking spaces from the city or from a private party that owns the lot nearby. When you’re working in an urban area, you might have to get a bit creative to find room for your construction dumpster rental.

Renting a Dumpster for Construction Waste in Urban Areas

When you rent a dumpster to remove construction waste in an urban area, it’s not as easy as just placing it in the driveway or the large nearby parking lot. You will likely need to get permission from a private party or the city to use a parking lot or the street for your dumpster rental. At Waste Removal USA, we rent dumpsters to contractors for urban trash removal all the time. Our team delivers dumpsters in many big cities and we can help you when you need to remove construction waste in urban areas. Just make sure you have the right permits or you could end up struggling to find a rental company willing to work with you.