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October 25, 2022

Complete Guide on Concrete Dumpster Rentals in Dallas, TX

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Complete Guide on Concrete Dumpster Rentals in Dallas, TX

If you’re taking on a project that requires you to dispose of concrete, a concrete dumpster in Dallas will make the job easier. This type of dumpster rental will typically be one of the smaller sizes due to the heavier weight of concrete. You might use a 10-yard dumpster or a 15-yard dumpster for this type of project.

How to Figure Out the Right Size Concrete Dumpster Rental in Dallas

Getting the right size concrete dumpster in Dallas isn’t always an easy thing to figure out. It can be difficult to decide which dumpster rental will work best. However, there are a few ways to make this process easier. When disposing of concrete, the main factor you will want to pay close attention to is the weight of the materials. Using online dumpster weight calculators can certainly help you figure out how much your concrete will weigh. Since there is a limit to how much concrete can safely be transported at one time, weight is the main factor you want to work with for a concrete dumpster rental in Dallas. Most commonly, you will rent a 10-yard, 15-yard, or 20-yard dumpster, for concrete. A 10-yard dumpster can often be filled to the top lip with concrete, while a 20-yard dumpster will only be able to be filled halfway with concrete. This will keep the dumpster from exceeding the 10-ton limit for transportation.

Disposing of Concrete with a Roll Off Container

When you get a roll-off in Dallas, you can certainly use it to toss out concrete. However, you cannot just toss out all concrete products and materials. There are some dumpster rental restrictions to pay close attention to, other than just the weight limit. Most concrete can easily be disposed of including clean concrete, brick, pavers, and mixed debris. However, if you have painted concrete, it cannot be tossed out, if the paint is lead-based paint. You will also need to follow specific instructions to dispose of concrete slurry. Any concrete with excessive metal, dirt, trash, or roots will also not be able to be tossed out. Most concrete will be recycled, so it needs to be clean to be disposed of. Of course, you can also toss out bricks, pavers, and concrete blocks, if you’re working on tearing up a patio or another project including these materials. You’re allowed to mix the materials, too. If you have some clean concrete, some bricks, and a few pavers, they can all be tossed out in your Dallas roll-off container.

Is it an Issue if I toss Out Materials other than Concrete in my Dumpster?

Yes and no. You can toss out other materials with concrete, but it will result in a trip to a C&D landfill, which will be charged by the ton. Concrete, brick, pavers, and similar materials are typically sent to a recycling center. However, when you mix in your trash and other items, it’s harder to recycle the concrete. When renting a concrete dumpster in Dallas, it’s best to stick to tossing out only clean concrete, bricks, and pavers. When you’re ready to rent your next concrete dumpster in Dallas, just call Waste Removal USA today or get an online quote at your earliest convenience.    Rent a Concrete Dumpster in Dallas or These Nearby Cities: