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January 2, 2022

Is it Time to Clean Out the Attic?

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Is it Time to Clean Out the Attic?

The attic can be a fascinating place to live. An attic is a room at the top of the house and just below the roof, making it a very cool place for a vast range of activities. Usually, an attic is used to store old equipment and books; however, some use it as a room. It all depends on your taste and preference. The attic, when well ventilated, reduces temperature during summer and protects you against the negative effect of high temperature. However, cleaning it out can be a very tedious thing to do, not to talk of taking out the waste. However, you can rent a roll-off dumpster to undertake this task. That said, How do you know it is the right time to get your attic cleaned out?

The right time to get your attic cleaned out

1. Springtime

The spring could be just the time to clean out your attic. The temperature is neither too hot nor too cold; it is mild and shouldn’t cause too many troubles when cleaning. This allows you to inspect the insulation against the Summer, which is when your HVAC load will be highest. The best time to start the cleaning is early in the morning; this is because the day is just beginning and the temperature is a bit low, and when the heat gets high, you could take a break.

2. Just moving in

A new house? That’s cool. Unless it is newly built, you have to get the attic checked and cleaned. You never know the last time the attic was cleaned. By cleaning it up, you’d also see what could need fixing.

3. Emergency

With the discovery of animals such as birds, snakes, or rodents in the attic, you should do a thorough cleaning after removing the animals. This would prevent them from being attracted there. When the attic is dusty and unkempt, it could draw animals to make the place their abode. It is also advisable to hire professional attic cleaners to prevent one from getting bitten or injured by these animals.

4. Winter Time

During this cold period, everyone wants to be indoors as much as possible because of the cold; even animals are not left out. They find a place with as much warmth as they can to abide. A stuffed and dirty attic is the best for them. Cleaning the attic just before or during the winter is necessary to give room for these animals seeking warm places. Also, the possible entrance for these animals, such as cracks in the wall, holes, or open spaces, can be discovered and blocked.

5. Dust and Dirt Accumulation

When the attic is left uncleaned for a long time, it is bound to get dirty and dusty. Do you have one that is just like this? Then you should get it cleaned up.

Bottom Line

You should have a scheduled cleaning of your attic; you don’t want to wait till it becomes infested and dusty. More so, when the attic is clean, there will be good air ventilation. After cleaning, you should also consider options to take out the waste. Residential dumpster rentals are the best fit for this task. Not only are they reasonably priced, but they will also carry out the tasks fast and effectively.