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October 24, 2022

How to Use Your 20-Yard Dumpster Rental in Columbia

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How to Use Your 20-Yard Dumpster Rental in Columbia

There are many different Columbia dumpster rental sizes to choose from. While you can rent a 10-yard dumpster, 15-yard dumpster, 30-yard dumpster, or 40-yard dumpster for your project, this article will focus on the 20-yard dumpster rental size.  When you have certain clean-up projects in Columbia or Charleston, you want to make sure you have the right size roll-off container. With a 20-yard dumpster rental, you can handle specific types of junk removal projects. Let’s look at the types of projects that fit best with this size dumpster rental.

Common Construction Projects a 20-Yard Dumpster Rental Works Best for

A Columbia dumpster rental in the 20-yard size will fit many different construction projects. Some of the most common projects you can use this size dumpster for include:
  • Large roofing projects
  • Home renovations
  • Small office renovations
  • Concrete disposal projects
  • Light demolition projects
  • Driveway replacements
  • Siding replacements
These are just a few of the main common construction projects you can use a 20-yard dumpster for. 

Common Residential Projects a 20-Yard Dumpster Rental Works Best For

It’s very common to rent a 20-yard dumpster in Columbia for a residential project. This size dumpster fits with many junk removal projects you will take on yourself. Whether you’re cleaning up your own property or an investment property, this is a very common size dumpster rental you might need. Some of the most common residential projects you will use a 20-yard dumpster for include:
  • Large or full home cleanout projects
  • Large yard cleanup projects
  • Land clearing projects
  • Dirt removal
  • Large furniture disposal
  • Garage and basement cleanout projects
When you have a large pile of trash and junk to get rid of, a 20-yard dumpster rental will likely fit very well. 

What You Should Know About 20-Yard Dumpster Rentals

Using your 20-yard dumpster rental is pretty easy, once you understand a few things. This size dumpster rental will fit in your driveway pretty easily. It will be about 4.5 feet by 7.5 feet and run 20 feet long.  You can expect to get about 6 truckloads of trash into the dumpster. This means, if you compared using a 20-yard dumpster to hauling away the trash yourself, you will save 6 trips to the landfill when you rent a Columbia dumpster rental of this size.  Typically, your weight range for this size dumpster will be 1 to 5 tons or 2,000 to 10,000 pounds. If you’re tossing heavy materials with a 20-yard dumpster, you can use our online dumpster weight calculators to figure out the weight of your materials. Just like with all the dumpster rental sizes offered by Waste Removal USA, there will be some dumpster rental restrictions to follow. These restrictions tend to impact hazardous materials the most.  There are many things you can use a 20-yard dumpster rental for. When you’re taking on a junk removal project in Columbia, this size dumpster might just be what you need. If you need a 20-yard roll-off dumpster to complete your upcoming waste removal project in Columbia, then call us or get a quote online to get on the delivery schedule.   Get a 20 Yard Dumpster Rental in the Following Cities: 


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