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November 23, 2022

How to Use Your 15-Yard Dumpster Rental in St. Louis

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How to Use Your 15-Yard Dumpster Rental in St. Louis

If you’re ready to figure out how to use your 15-yard dumpster rental, you might be curious about what types of projects this size dumpster will fit best with. There are many good uses for this size St. Louis dumpster rental. Before you choose the right size roll-off rental for your needs, consider what you can use a 15-yard dumpster rental for.

Top Projects That Fit Great with a 15-Yard Dumpster in St. Louis

1. Home Decluttering

You might not be able to declutter your entire home with this size dumpster rental, but you can certainly declutter a smaller home or a section of your home. If you’re taking on a home decluttering project, you might be able to use a 15-yard dumpster to make this project easier.

2. Clearing Out an Attic or Garage

If you need to go through your attic or garage and get rid of a lot of trash, this might be the right-size dumpster for your project. It’s a popular option for clearing out a smaller area, such as a garage, attic, or even a basement.

3. Estate Clean-Up

Sometimes, you are in charge of cleaning up an estate after someone passes away. If there is a lot of trash that needs to be tossed out, along with some old furniture, you can use a 15-yard dumpster to make this project easier.

4. Roofing Projects

When it’s time to rent a dumpster for roofing, it might be a 15-yard dumpster. This size dumpster works great for re-shingling a roof or even for complete roof replacement projects. It’s a popular choice because shingles are heavy, so you will need a smaller dumpster to accommodate the weight of this type of material.

5. Concrete and Dirt Disposal

Both concrete and dirt are very heavy. They will need to be tossed out in a smaller dumpster to ensure the weight remains within the transportation regulations. While a 10-yard dumpster might be more common for this project, you might also use a 15-yard dumpster.

6. Smaller Remodeling Projects

When you’re handling a small bathroom or kitchen remodeling project, you might use this size dumpster for the demolition or the trash. It’s a good size for a smaller project of this type.

What is the Actual Size of a 15-Yard Dumpster Rental?

The size of a 15-yard dumpster is 4 feet tall by 7.5 feet wide and 16 feet long. It will fit in most driveways. If you can fit a regular-size truck in your driveway, this size dumpster will fit, too. A 15-yard dumpster will hold about 4.5 truckloads of trash. This translates to about 80 full 13-gallon bags of trash. You will get a weight limit of 2,000 to 8,000 pounds with this size dumpster.  When you want the right size roll-off rental in St. Louis, you want to consider all the right options. A 15-yard dumpster will provide you with the right space for certain projects.  If you need a 15-yard roll-off dumpster to complete your upcoming waste removal project in St. Louis, then call us or get a quote online to get on the delivery schedule. Find The Perfect Dumpster for Your Project in One of These Cities:


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