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Preparing for a Roof Replacement

There are things you can do when preparing for a roof replacement. You want to know the variables and know how much the shingles will weigh as they are taken off the roof, especially if you’re doing it yourself. Our weight calculator will help you figure out the size of dumpster you need for your roof replacement project. If you’re planning a roofing project, knowing the right weight for the shingles will make a difference. There are many other things you can do to prepare for a roof replacement job, as well. Let’s look at some of the things you should do to prepare when it’s time to replace the roof on your home.

9 Things to Do to Prepare for a Roof Replacement

1. Protect Any Valuable Items in the Attic

If you’ve stored anything valuable in the attic, either remove it or cover it to protect it. During a roof replacement job, you could deal with dust and small debris falling into the attic space. You can use old sheets or drop cloths to help protect things in the attic. It might be easier to just cover everything in your attic to be safe.

2. Remove Fragile Items from the Walls

The banging and moving around on the roof of your home could cause items on your walls to move or fall off. Sometimes, the roofers cause damage because things can fall off the walls when they are working. It’s best to pull down pictures and take fragile items off the shelves.

3. Move your Vehicles Out of the Driveway

The roofing company will likely need your driveway space for equipment or even a dumpster rental. If you’re handling the project yourself, you will need the space for a dumpster rental. It’s best to remove vehicles so there is plenty of room to work. This will also help to protect your vehicles from falling debris and dust.

4. Mow your Lawn

During the summertime, it’s best to make sure your lawn is mowed and clear of any debris, such as tree branches. You should also consider trimming tree branches that could get in the way. Short grass will keep fallen debris from becoming hidden in the grass and showing up the next time you mow. The last thing you want is a stray nail getting sucked up into your mower because you didn’t mow the grass before the roof replacement project started.

5. Make Arrangement for Pets and Children

During a roof replacement job, it will be noisy and your home will be a bit of a construction zone. It’s best to have the children stay with family or friends and take the pets to a friend’s house or to a kennel for the day. Some pets will be very scared of the work going on and might have accidents. You can easily avoid this by making arrangements for pets, especially dogs before your roof replacement project starts.

6. Check Your Sprinkler System

If you have a sprinkler system, make sure it won’t start going during the job. You don’t need a bunch of roofers wet and upset with you because the sprinklers are turned on during their work.

7. Move Outdoor Furniture

Your patio furniture could end up damaged by falling debris during a roof replacement job. Make sure to store it in a shed or garage. If you don’t have anywhere to store it, move it out of the way of where the work will be done. This will help to ensure you don’t end up needing to replace your outdoor furniture after the job is done. You should also remove any garden pots, landscaping lights, bikes, grills, and other items out of the way of workers.

8. Find the Outdoor Outlets

The roofers will likely need to plug in tools while they are doing the work. It’s a good idea to know where the outdoor outlets are in your home so you can show them when they arrived. If you don’t have outdoor outlets, you can let them plugin with a garage outlet. You can even run an extension cord for them to use.

9. Speak with the Neighbors

You want to let your neighbors know you will have your roof replaced. This gives them time to remove things that could be damaged, too. They will also be prepared for the noise and can make plans to be away from their home if they don’t want to worry about it. Along with these things, you should talk to your roofing company to see if there’s anything else you should do. They might have you clear a specific space for the dumpster rental or they might ask you to do something else to prepare for the roof replacement project. No matter why you need a dumpster for home clean-up, Waste Removal USA is here to help! Simply call us at 844-762-8449 or email us at sales@wasteremovalusa.com.

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