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Common Residential Projects Requiring a Dumpster Rental

When you need to clean up around your home, renting a dumpster is a good idea. There are many common residential projects that will likely require a dumpster rental. Let’s look at some of the residential projects you might need to rent a dumpster to complete.

Top 10 Common Residential Projects Made Easier by a Dumpster Rental

1. Large Landscaping Jobs

If you’re ready to tear out old plants and add new ones, a dumpster rental can be very helpful. You can dispose of all the waste from branches you trim off trees to bushes you pull out. Sometimes, cutting down an old tree is necessary, while other times you just need to clear out old mulch. If you’re going to fill more than a couple of garbage bags, renting a dumpster can give you a central location for all the trash.

2. Home Renovation/Remodeling Jobs

Maybe you’re trying to save some money on an upcoming renovation or remodeling job. You could be trying to flip a home you purchased. Either way, renting a dumpster can become a big help when performing the demolition. Tearing down walls, taking out cabinets, and removing flooring can cause quite a bit of waste. With a dumpster rental for this type of residential project, you’ll have plenty of space for all the junk. Plus, you won’t have to haul it off to the landfill.

3. Roof Replacement Jobs

While you’ll likely hire a professional company to replace your roof, renting a dumpster can make it easier if you’re doing the work yourself. If you plan to remove shingles, you’ll need a place to toss them and they can pile up fast. Rent a dumpster and you’ll have the perfect place for all the trash.

4. Clearing Out the Basement, Garage, Barn, or Attic

Sometimes, we become hoarders and end up with way too much junk taking up space. Whether you’ve filled up your garage, attic, barn, or basement, renting a dumpster can help. With a dumpster, you can simply toss out anything you don’t want and forget about it once it’s in the dumpster. After you’re done, the dumpster will be hauled away for you and you won’t have to dispose of anything.

5. Dealing with an Estate

Maybe someone in your family passed away and you’ve been tasked with clearing out their home. If it’s a large job, renting a dumpster can certainly help. Sure, they may have some things you can sell in an estate sale, but other things might not be worth selling or donating. Whether it’s old furniture, piles of magazines, or random things you need to dispose of, renting a dumpster will make it easier.

6. Clearing Land

Maybe you own some land and you need to clear out bushes, trees, brush, or other items. Whether you bought the land knowing you had to clean it up or it’s just time to clear out a specific area, a dumpster rental gives you the right tool. As you start to clear the land, you can easily dispose of all the trash in one central spot. Once you’ve completed the job, you don’t have to deal with it, either. The dumpster will be hauled off for you.

7. Tearing Down an Old Swimming Pool

You have to have somewhere to toss out the old swimming pool. It’s bigger than you might imagine and renting a dumpster gives you a good spot to toss out any old above-ground swimming pool. If you’re demolishing an in-ground swimming pool, a dumpster rental can help, too. You’ll have plenty of debris to toss out as you get rid of the pool.

8. Disposing of an Old Shed or Barn

If your barn or shed needs to go, renting a dumpster makes it easy to dispose of. You can tear it down piece by piece and toss all the debris into the dumpster. Sometimes, this is the best option instead of trying to find someone to haul it off for you.

9. Tossing Out Old Furniture

Maybe you’re clearing out a vacant investment property with old furniture everywhere. When you need to get rid of old furniture, you can rent a dumpster. Once the dumpster arrives, just fill it with all the old furniture and forget about it. The dumpster will be hauled away for you and you won’t need to make a single trip to the landfill.

10. Spring Cleaning

When it’s that time of year and you need to empty storage areas and other cluttered areas of your home, renting a small dumpster can work great. You’ll have a central location for all the trash and you won’t have to worry about whether the regular trash company will take your junk or leave it for you to deal with. There are many common residential projects that become much easier when you rent a dumpster. Whether your project is one of the ten above or you’re cleaning something else up, you can use a dumpster to make the job easier. No matter why you need a dumpster for home clean-up, Waste Removal USA is here to help! Simply call us at 844-762-8449 or email us at sales@wasteremovalusa.com.

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