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Handling Home Remodel Demolition Yourself

Handling a home remodel demolition project yourself isn’t an easy job. It’s not for someone that’s not willing to get a bit dirty. You’ll want to put on some old clothing you don’t mind ruining, get some good gloves, and get ready to do some manual labor! Many homeowners handle home remodeling demolition themselves because of the money savings. Even just pulling up the flooring yourself will save the contractor time and make your bill lower. Let’s look at some of the things you should know before taking on a home remodeling demolition project yourself.

7 Things to Know Before Doing Demolition Yourself

1. You Need a Dumpster Rental

Home remodeling demolition will cause plenty of junk, debris, and trash. It has to go somewhere and most normal trash companies won’t take big loads of home debris. You have the choice to haul it all to the landfill yourself, but you can also rent a dumpster. With a dumpster rental, you’ll have a central location for all the debris and you won’t need to make multiple trips to the landfill. Your home demolition project will likely go faster with a dumpster rental. Plus, it will give you plenty of room if you underestimate the amount of junk you’ll end up with as you go through your home remodeling demolition project.

2. You Might Encounter Dead Animals

Again, home remodeling demolition isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a big job, especially if you’re remodeling the kitchen or taking out a wall. You might encounter dead animals along the way, too. Sometimes, dead mice, rats, or other small animals get stuck in the walls or behind cabinets. While you might not find any dead animals, if you’re clearing out a fixer-upper or a home you plan to flip, it’s a bit more likely you will encounter something dead and smelly.

3. Get the Right Tools

You won’t be able to tear everything out with your bare hands. The right tools make things much easier. Some of the tools you want for a home remodeling demolition project include:
  • A crowbar
  • A chisel for floor staples, carpet padding, and wallpaper
  • Good work gloves
  • A Dumpster Rental
  • A good sledgehammer for removing walls
  • A framing hammer
  • Buckets in cased of a plumbing issue
  • A broom and dustpan
  • A shop vac
  • Screwdrivers
  • Protective goggles
These tools will make the job much easier and help you get it done faster.

4. Be Careful

Yes, demolition is about destroying things, but you might be leaving some of the things in the home. Be careful as you take out walls, cabinets, and flooring. You don’t want to damage appliances, bathtubs, sinks, or other items you plan to leave in the home.

5. Know What You Will Remove

While you’re handling the home remodeling demolition yourself, you should know what can go and what cannot. It’s important to make sure you don’t remove any structural walls. You should also make sure you know where gas lines, pipes, and wires are when you start the process. The more you know, the better the demolition project will go. It always pays to take your time and make sure you’re doing it right before you remove something you shouldn’t have removed.

6. Expect a Big Mess

When you start a demolition project, it will get messy. You might encounter mold, insulation, and so many other things throughout the process. When this happens, you will create quite a mess. It will get worse before it gets better. Remember, you’re handling home remodeling demolition, which means it’s going to get messy. If you don’t like messes, prepare yourself, as you will like to create a big mess you will have to clean up. Renting a dumpster will make the cleanup process much easier, however. You will be able to toss out things as you go or all at once when you finish.

7. It Won’t be a Fast Project

Demolition takes time, especially if you’re new to it. Even professionals need lots of manpower or time to complete a demolition project. When you tackle a home remodeling demolition project yourself, expect it to take up some of your time. It might take a full weekend or even an entire week, depending on the type of project you’re taking on. Whether you need to pull up carpet, take out old cabinets, or even take out an entire wall, you’ll likely need a dumpster rental. With the right dumpster and other tools, home remodeling demolition projects become much easier. Make sure you speak to a dumpster rental company, like Waste Removal USA, to find out the size of dumpster you need. It will depend on the demolition project you plan to tackle and how much waste it will likely create. It’s better to have too much dumpster space than not enough. No matter why you need a dumpster for home clean-up, Waste Removal USA is here to help! Simply call us at 844-762-8449 or email us at sales@wasteremovalusa.com.

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