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Dumpster Rentals vs. Junk Removal Services

Dumpster Rentals vs. Junk Removal Services

Choosing the right option for disposing of your junk is important. Dumpster rentals offer plenty of benefits and so do junk removal services. They are both very different services and one might fit better for you than the other. Before you book a junk removal service, you should know what a dumpster rental service offers. Let’s compare these two services to figure out which one is best for you.

What is a Dumpster Rental Service?

When you choose a dumpster rental service, the company will deliver what is known as a roll-off dumpster to your property. The dumpster will be placed on the street, in the driveway, or on another portion of the property for you to use as you complete your trash removal project. Roll-off dumpsters are short enough to make them very easy to fill. Some come equipped with walk-in double doors to make loading up the dumpster easy. You will have between 5 and 14 days to complete your cleanup project, depending on the company you choose. NOTE: If you rent a roll-off dumpster from Waste Removal USA, you get more time to clean up than any other dumpster rental service. Once you’ve completed your cleanup project, the dumpster rental service will arrive to remove the dumpster from your property. Usually, this is done quickly so you don’t have to deal with a full dumpster hanging out on your property for very long.

3 Benefits of Renting a Dumpster for Junk Removal

1. The Most Affordable Option

Compared to other junk removal options, renting a dumpster is often the most affordable option. You won’t have to make trips to the landfill or pay for a large pickup to haul things away. Since you will handle the labor yourself, it will be less expensive to rent a dumpster than to hire a junk removal service, as well.

2. No Trips to the Landfill

One of the most annoying things about cleaning up when you need to renovate or have old furniture to throw out is the trips to the landfill. Even if you own a truck, it’s harder to load up a truck multiple times and go to the landfill than renting a dumpster. When you rent a dumpster for junk removal, you can simply load it up with all your trash. Then, let us haul the dumpster away without a single trip to the landfill.

3. Central Location for All Your Trash

You won’t need to figure out where to put the trash when working on a home cleanup project or a job site. Instead, you can toss it all into the dumpster. This helps to avoid cluttered job sites with piles of trash in different areas.

What is a Junk Removal Service?

A junk removal service is a bit more of a full-service, hired labor option. You will be hiring a crew to come to your home and remove anything you want to throw out. This might include furniture, construction debris, trash, or anything else you want to be removed. Typically, two employees will show up to remove the junk. In some cases, if you have very heavy times to toss out, a crew of three or four might come to pick up your trash.

3 Benefits of Choosing a Junk Removal Service

1. No Need to do the Work

When you hire a junk removal service, you won’t have to do the labor. This is a good choice for those unable to do the work when cleaning up a property or tossing out old furniture.

2. Convenient

If you’re a landlord and you manage multiple properties, hiring a junk removal service to clean up after a tenant leaves can be very convenient. It can save you time and keep you from having to spend hours cleaning up.

3. It’s a Safe Option

Having a professional haul away your junk is a very safe option. You won’t have to do any of the heavy liftings.

Final Decision Between Dumpster Rentals and Junk Removal Services

Dumpster rentals and junk removal services are both good options when you need to get rid of trash from your home, your business, or your work site. However, they are rather different and one might fit your needs better than the other. If you need time to clean up, you want to do the work yourself, and you want the most affordable options possible, renting a dumpster is the right option. If you cannot physically do the work yourself, you just need to throw out a few items quickly, or you don’t have time to do the work yourself, hiring a junk removal service is a good option. For the DIYers and the construction companies needing a way to toss out trash throughout a job or for the most affordable price, renting a dumpster from Waste Removal USA is the right choice. We provide the most affordable roll-off dumpster rentals on the market with more time to finish your junk removal project. Call today to speak to an associate at 844-762-8449 or email us at [email protected].

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Robyn Anshell
Robyn Anshell
22:47 10 Nov 22
In the past, I have used several companies around Atlanta but will only use Waste Removal USA from now on. From the person who answers the phone to the drivers who deliver, everyone was very professional and helpful. They are flexible and really have an appreciation for their customer's needs.
Dillon Hamman
Dillon Hamman
16:57 08 Nov 22
I've rented 3 dumpsters from this company, and they've made the process very easy for me.
Yasmine Nana-Yeboah
Yasmine Nana-Yeboah
03:21 21 Apr 22
The WasteRemovalUSA team are so kind and helpful! They’re willing to answer questions and if they’re unable to give you an answer they get back to you as soon as possible. They’re in about every major city, would definitely recommend based on my experience.
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Jacob Bassil
02:05 21 Apr 22
Easy and efficient!
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Rob Wubbena
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Very fast service and good pricing compared to other places I checked. Will use again.
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Chris Huff
00:15 21 Apr 22
Waste Removal has always shown up when promised and very easy to work with. Five stars.
John Hull
John Hull
00:13 21 Apr 22
Super quick response and execution. Will be using them on all jobs moving forward
Robert Elliott
Robert Elliott
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Incredible service. Will book again and again.

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